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Don Talin Mouradian

Don Talin Mouradian (a.k.a. Don Talin)

Tell us about a famous explorer in your world. What did they discover?

Millenia ago, the world was a much smaller place. At the beginning of the Age of Mortals, the mortal peoples squabbled amongst each other as they determined their places in the world. The great Western Ocean was regarded as an impassable obstacle until the great explorer Talin Mouradian began his journeys.

A great sailor from Karifar, Talin convinced the court of neighboring Freal Numor to finance a journey to find the far end of the great Western Ocean. The Numorian nobles sought a way to break the monopoly the Osiran pharoahs had over trade with the Eastern continents.

The First Voyage - 1565 FA

The new lord, Don Talin Mouradian, set out with a fleet of four ships from the City of Talinside Bay, (named after the legendary voyager) to seek out the legendary Isle of Zabar to the southwest.

He found it after months at sea. Upon questioning the locals, and inquiring about the end of the Western Ocean, he heard rumors of the Great Jade Continent and the fabled Pearl Islands to the south that led to it.

The Pearl Islands

With news of the beautiful archipegalo to his south, Don Talin became the first Krosian to lead an expedition to the fabled Pearl Islands. He made contact with the friendly natives who lived an idyllic life on the tropical islands. They welcomed the visitors from across the Northern Sea and offered to help them journey to the Jade Continent, a frequent target of their raiding parties.

The Jade Continent

After a few months of journeying, Don Talin made contact with the great empires of the continent of Yuchao. He negotiated a trade agreeement between the two continents, but with the stipulation that Don Talin end the raids from the Pearl Islands. Don Talin agreed and retraced his journey back across the Great Ocean.

The Second Voyage - 1568

Don Talin sailed back across the sea with a dozen warships and enough soldiers to conquer and hold the Pearl Islands. He saw the trade agreement with the great empires as more valuable than the friendship offered by the Islanders. He succeeded in gaining a foothold and establishing colonies on two islands.

On the third island, the Pearl islanders established enough of a resistance to throw back the invaders. Don Talin was slain in this battle by the warrior chief Datu Biru and his head was taken as a trophy by the outraged Islanders. The severed head was never recovered, but the islands were conquered after years of hard fighting.

Don Talin's Legacy

Despite his ignominious death and mutilation, Don Talin was hailed as a hero back in Freal Numor and the continent of Krosia. His journeys opened up the great Trans-Oceanic trade routes and his name was put on the Ocean he journeyed over and the Islands he conquered.

The Talin Islands were one of the main stops for re-watering and stocking up for the journey across the Talinian Ocean. The islands remained under Numorian control until the Sahuagin Wars in 2107 when the Talino warriors earned their independence fighting against the devilish shark-men. They united to create the Sultanate of the Talin Islands.

1515 FA 1568 FA 53 years old
Place of Death

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