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Concordant Beacon Finder

The Concordant Beacon Finders provide one of the most valuable services for citizens of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Citizens who stay in the Manifest after dawn of the next day return with it to their plane of origin. They know to turn on the beacon on their ident-a-hedron so a Finder can come for them.

Growing up, I loved tales about famous Beacon Finders. They crossedv the dimensions, rescued lost Kirinalos, and returning them or their bodies home to the Zone. I've done a lot of jobs here in the Zone, but I never got to be a Finder like I dreamed about as an orcling! I could never pass the quiz where they ask how many non-Concordant lives are worth one of ours!

The Concordance for Survival has built the civilization known as the Kirinal Concordance Zone around the Kirinal Pit. Every day at dawn a new world or a new plane, the Manifest, appears in the Pit. The people of the Zone enter the Manifest to trade with the sophonts therein, to salvage natural resources or ancient ruins, or to wage war on belligerent species. At dawn, the Manifest changes and any Kirinalos still in the Pit take a one-way trip to another world or dimension. The Beacon Finders travel the multiverse to find their brethren to return them home.

I am authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Concordance. We seek the return of one of our living citizens. If there are reparations to be made or a ransom to be paid I am in direct communication with the Bank of Kirinal. If our citizen has come to any harm, I am the vengeance of the Zone personified.

— Shepherd Numan, Concordant Beacon Finder

Lost in the Manifest

The Kirinal Pit has been a one way ticket to the multiverse for hundreds of years. People used to go missing more often when the Manifest changed randomly. Even though it's been somewhat tamed by the Orrery of Worlds, people still get stuck in the Pit even though everyone knows it will change at dawn.

The precursors of the Beacon Finders were simply Finders, and they were commonly bounty hunters or rangers outfitted with planar amulets. They were hired by the families of the lost or debtors who were seeking someone who owes them. Then, as now, the temptation to skip out on your debts and flee to another world was as easy as losing yourself in another world.

Mages would send the Finders, alone or in small teams, to the past manifest and they would use their mundane hunting skills to find their quarry. They'd extract their target and bring them back to Erathia in whatever shape was requested by their paying client.

Training and Equipment

Nowadays, Beacon Finders have a slightly easier job. They can track the ident-a-hedron of their target and quickly return with a planar amulet or scroll. This can all change if the target's hedron is destroyed. Then the Finder's other training kicks in.

Qualifications For a Concordant Beacon Finder

  1. Be a citizen of the Kirinal Concordance Zone.
  2. Experience as a scout, ranger, or hunter. Priority given to past Kirinal Defenders.
  3. Experience in the Manifest or equivalent planar experience.
  4. Pass training in the Concordant Mandates


Every Beacon Finder is issued a planar amulet that can transport up to eight individuals across the planes. They are equipped appropriately for the world that they're being sent to. They receive the magic or tech they and their target need to survive the unpredictable multiverse. Sometimes that means surviving in a hostile environment or hostile inhabitants. Sometimes, they need diplomatic papers and a purse full of coin. The Concordance spares no expense in recovering their citizens.

Public Services

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