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World of the Heroes of Six

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Long before the wars of man, before the formation of the councils of high wizards, before even ents and their endless minds roamed the earth, the Great Mother set about creating the world in the image of the Solar Gods. She set about the world wandering, raising continents and islands and shaping the world into the Pangaea that we live in today. She eventually grew lonely and asked for companionship from the Solar Gods. They gave her two sons to love and cherish for all of eternity, Leonis and Zabathur, and she accepted them as her own. As the millennium passed, Zabathur grew disgruntled with his mother’s treatment of Leonis as her favorite. Eventually, Zabathur turned to anger and the darkness grew inside him, twisting his every thought and emotion until he could no longer turn to the light. At the peak of night, when not even the Lunar Goddesses would show their faces, Zabathur crept toward the sleeping form of Leonis and spilt the light within Leonis, bathing the ground with the light that had once lit up the face of the Great Mother. Zabathur slunk away into the night, clothed in the shadows that had corrupted him. When the Great Mother awoke, she found the body of Leonis, lightless and unmoving, she wept six tears of pure light and goodness. Those tears crystallized through the power of the Sun and took on the characteristics of the six elements (fire, water, earth, air, stone, and ice). These tears were later set into amulets, becoming the Amulets of Ages. As the Great Mother traveled across the earth, creating the sentient races that populate the world today, she began to encounter agents of the darkness, defeating them as she went, until she finally came upon her son, his form twisted and corrupted by the darkness he called home. The Great Mother saw this and wept one final tear, a tear given power instead by the darkness and despair that enveloped the Great Mother at her lowest point. She then set about a century long battle with Zabathun, neither side gaining ground while other fought, time and time again clashing in the dark, then the light until they killed each other. As the Great Mother lay dying, she asked for one wish, for her story never to die, which the Sun and Moon deities granted, beginning the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth until the day the darkness was banished. As the years passed, civilizations rose and fell, races were born and died, continents split and reformed

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