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World of Puerto Tierra Timeline

  • 1982


    Power LLC formed in Puerto Tierra

    Upon the discovery that Puerto Tierra was built upon a convergence of Leylines, Power Limited Liability Company was formed

  • 1988

    Founding of Puerto Tierra

    During the Silicon Valley Boom, subtle spells the fae had been weaving for centuries were ignored for the promise of prime Real Estate

  • 2019


    Truncated Systems unveils the Personal Assistance Droid Mk3R
    Scientific achievement

    After a 10-year setback caused by "technical setbacks," the latest innovation in Truncated System's flagship line is released to the public.

  • 2020


    February 16, 2020 - 1st 3 Meetings
    Political event

    Two world weary survivors of Magic and Greed become roped in to a new conspiracy related to the vampires they stopped hunting almost a year prior. A young sorceror takes on a job that may be too big for him alone, and meets an ancient being (as well as the faerie assigned to hunt him) along the way. A changeling, obsessed with learning what it means to be human, saves a young girl's life, and decides to help her with a mystery she was unraveling, thanks to the help of his adoptive aunt. A modern cowboy with a prejudice against robots takes on a new job, and meets some new folk.