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World of Puerto Tierra


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Puerto Tierra is a silicon valley boom town built recently (within 50 years) on top of a leyline convergence used as a point of entry to the World of Men from the Faerie realm. Interference by humans has altered the purity of the leylines, allowing the portals to access the realm of Demons as well.   The past 20 years have seen the rapid growth in the trade of a drug named Night - an intoxicant made using, among other things, the blood of vampires. Members of disadvantaged communities have had the drug forced on them to the point of overdose in order to create easily manipulable, immensely powerful, ageless gang members. Because of negative associations with the term "Vampire," progress on rehabilitating those affected by the drug has been slow-going through the legal process, so a group of early Night users has banded together to protect the rights of those turned by the drug, sometimes by force.   Puerto Tierra has become known (amongst certain priveleged crowds) as the Place to Be if one wants to expand their corporations operations into the supernatural realm. One corporation in particular, Powers Limited, has capitalized on this to the extreme, permanently employing a large number of more typically freelance mystics and mages.   Puerto Tierra is also well known on the world stage as the world capital of robotics - one company in particular, Truncated Systems, has made massive donations to public and private security firms in the area, in the form of it's own recent unveiling of advanced self-aware, fully obedient humanoid robots.

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