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Wolfsled Racing

Wolfsled racing is a popular competitive sport in the northern regions of Lyardia and Baru. Both the humans and the elves have developed two distinct styles of racing.

Challenge Racing

In Lyardia, wolfsled racing is a short-distance sport, usually covering more difficult terrain routes compared to cross-country in a style called Challenge Racing. Challenge racing involves a small team of lupine beasts seven members strong. The most popular racing beasts are cu sith, timberwolves, direwolves, black hounds, sea dogs, and hellhounds. Certain beasts are banned from the races, like pterolyci and guardian hounds, because of their intelligence and scarcity. The most famous challenge race is the Aurorus Run, a race held every five years on the largest of the polar islands. It covers an ice canyon, frozen spire fields, and iced-over marshlands, as well as the notoriously difficult and deadly Drift Plains, an area of nearly invisible ridges and pitfalls. The winner of the race is traditionally granted an Explorer's Permit, a rare document that allows the bearer complete access to the entirety of Lyardia, including national parks, nature preserves, religious locations and otherwise banned & restricted areas.

Cross-Country Racing

In Baru, wolfsled racing is a long-distance sport, usually covering more flat terrain routes compared to challenge in a style called Cross-Country Racing. Cross-Country racing involves a large team of lupine beasts, up to fifteen members strong. Only three types of purebred beasts are allowed, those being snowdrifters, timberwolves and direwolves. Hybrid and mutt beasts are also allowed, but only if their ancestry is proven to not contain any endangered beasts, like mountain hounds or lion dogs. The most famous cross-country race is the Sylethlon, a multi-day race starting in the township of Inh Serin, looping along the Strait of Imrannoris for the first segment, winding through the Whalespout Geyser Fields for the second, and back down past the Landrise Mountains to the finish in the township of O'eth Thalore for the third, with rest stops and team changes allowed at the start of each segment. The winner is awarded with the court position of Persarn (Tireless Racer), and all the benefits that come along with such a noble appointment.

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