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Across the Cloud Atlas of Welkin, airships soar and sail through its numerous floating islands. Merchant vessels thrive, the lifeblood of trade between the nations, and fall prey to merciless sky pirates, fearless corsairs and daring swashbucklers on a claim to fame. On Sistina, the greatest island and city of the Known Voyages, where one can find anything he wishes for, provided he has the coin and the gall, the Sestieri look down on their subjects, plotting and playing at their games of intrigue, while the Undercity grows on its own motto of honor among thieves, and the Great Church shepherds its gullible flocks. Mechanics, artificers, naturalists and studious minds toil and trouble alike to create and discover new and wondrous technologies for the most cutting edge airships and devices, watched zealously by the guarding eyes of the Firmament Armada and its Six Generals. All these discoveries are fueled by artifacts and relics salvaged from ruins dotting the skyscape, as well as the savage continent below, an untamed land of perilous dangers and uncountable riches.

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A Fistful of Silver

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