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Levitate is an advanced air spell that allows the user, an object, or another individual with an open core to float above the ground and move around at the user's direction. It is slower but more controlled than the similar complex air spell, flight.


The user controls the air around the target, applying enough pressure that they can move it around. The speed and range depend on the mana put into the spell and the weight of the target. The target is restrained by a thin film of concentrated air which suspends them, but if another force pushes them through this film, they will fall unless the caster tracks their movement with the spell, or recasts the spell.


A person being levitated will feel an almost solid pressure from the air surrounding them as it picks them up and moves them around. If they are not the caster, it will be very hard to move against the pressure.

Gestures & Ritual
If cast on oneself, air mana must be channeled to the skin. Else, it can be channeled to any focal point of the body and expelled in the direction of the target. The spell will begin once the mana reaches the target, and the amount of mana expelled must be adjusted for what is lost as residue across the distance.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
Applied Restriction
There must sufficient air density. Casters with lower mana capacities will not be able to lift objects that are too big.

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