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Orks of Skrynne

Orks have contaminated Skrynne since long before humanity discovered the world. There is little to indicate how they first arrived and even less to suggest why they have continued to stay. A few ancient records suggest that the Ork presence is the reason for the planet’s poor mineral reserves. If these are true, then millennia ago many Orks left the world aboard a motley fleet of Roks and Kroozers assembled on Skrynne. As they embarked, every xenos capable of cramming into the newly constructed vessels assembled a huge arsenal of weapons, armour, and vehicles to take with them on an expedition to find the biggest Waaagh! they could. As the legends go, they only ceased construction on their war fleet when they had virtually exhausted Skrynne’s mineral riches.
Those who were left behind formed the core of the Ork population that were eventually devastated by the Storm Wardens. In the centuries since that cleansing, outbreaks have been an ongoing concern. Short of a complete Exterminatus, cleansing their taint from the world is virtually impossible. Massive populations can grow from just a few specimens, if left in isolation for just a few decades. While the Storm Wardens surely did a thorough initial job, the number of forays necessary to keep the infestation from recurring far exceeded the capacity of the colony world’s garrison.
Every time that a new population emerges, they appear wielding hastily constructed weapons made from whatever scraps of metal the Greenskins can recover. Because of these limited resources, the Orks have never been able to take full advantage of their intrinsic technology. This has been fortunate for the often outnumbered garrison, as it has greatly increased the efficacy of their armaments. It may be that this limitation is the only reason for the planet’s continued survival in the face of such a threat.

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