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Warhammer 40k.

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It is the 42nd millennium. Mankind has recently reclaimed one of the Emperor's own children in Roboute Guilliman and has since began its next glorious crusade across the galaxy to reclaim what has been lost to the forces of Chaos and Xenos. Within the imperium there is a great sense of change and of advancement the likes of which haven't been seen for millennium which makes many who stick to the old ways extremely nervous.   However, there are those who would rides these winds of change and become champions of a new era, an era of the radical. Whereas once people stuck only to the old ways in fear of retribution from the inquisition, now people are championing change and a restore to glory under the leadership of the returned primach. One such champion of change is the inquisitor Galvanoth, who rose to prominence after several lucky encounters and became quickly known for his fervorous determination in fighting what is perhaps mankind's greatest threats: Daemons.    The universe changes and yet it stays the same. There is only war. From the single starting point more and more paths begin to branch off. There are many stories in this universe and the question is will you rise or will you be trampled underfoot like so many before you?

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