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I hate telling you about this.   It makes my head hurt, my stomach turn and to this day, I don’t know how to do anything about it—other than pray to TGII that someone will wipe the world clean of the dreaded Täuku.   No, don’t pity them.   …and don’t think me harsh.   Not until you read the rest if this—THEN you can pass judgement on me.

A Horrid Discovery

Less than a decade ago, the Centurions raided a settlement called Clamor Town, developed deep in the underbelly of Clockworks City. This place is below any ratified District, below even the city furnaces—but there were hundreds of squatters there.   What they discovered made the national news.   Gnomes were being sold.   …to the Täuku.   A group of street filth were kidnapping homeless men, women, even children, and place in thousands of cages. These rusted boxes lined the vast walls, stacked ten cages high.   Each with one or more victims, clinging to life.   OUR OWN PEOPLE! WOMEN…AND CHILDREN!    

Why Gnomes?

You may be wondering why gnomes would be sold to those foul bastards of the mägo profession.   Well, here's the disgusting part--in their quest for power, the Täuku twisted their bodies and minds to the point of near insanity. For TGII’s sake—they don’t even look humanoid anymore!   With their new forms, they also developed new cravings. The plants and drugs we use in society often have little to no affect on this species…while the most simple aspects of life become heightened.   Täuku have a ‘taste’ for fear.   I specifically mean that these dark beings feed on pain and suffering like a drug. It creates a deep experience of euphoria, causing them to quiver and tremble in pleasure.   The greater the pain and/or fear, the greater the pleasure.   And as gnomes have a natural fear of all races by their own, access to that pleasure is ever-present.   So the Täuku breed gnomes for fear and pain.

This is NOT New

Täuku have sought gnomes for the last 100 years. In fact, this was one of the issues with the Gate War. The Täuku were trying to find a way into the city and feast upon our very population.   My own wife was caught on the other side of the gate during the last open battle.   What IS new--is finding scum like the people in Clamor Town who are willing to sell their own people like beasts!    

The price of Gnomes

What are the Täuku willing to trade for gnomes flesh?   Centurions found an amassed fortune of gold, silver, precious gems and more.   Two large containers were found to have wood planks (highly prized by the wealthy in Clockworks), and authentic animal furs (also highly prized).

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