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Clamor Town

Deep in the underbelly of Clockworks City is a community with a heart as black as the tunnels they roam.   With a population of barely 2000, this settlement became the most famous in the history of our race.   …by selling our race to our enemies.

Under the Radar

Gnomes are famous for many things. Inventions, discoveries, humanitarian efforts, …just being a decent lot when the day’s over. But those of Clamor Town earned their mark in history as being the most despised group and sub-class of gnomes in existence.   Scurrying through tunnels and abandoned mine shafts, the population of Clamor Town scratched an existence deep under the foundation of our great city-nation. Tapping into water, sewer, and even the electrical grid, these gnomes may be unwashed and stink—but they don’t have to.  

Clamor Town’s Prized Resource

What feels this community? Slavery, plain and simple.   Using the seemingly unlimited networks of abandoned tunnels, pipes, and sewer maintenance channels, the ‘Clamorings’ (as the media titled them) search the underbelly of the city for stragglers.   Homeless gnomes who have been forgotten by society, and are unable to defend themselves, are hunted, caught, tied up and transported back to Clamor Town.   Captives are places in cages and given just enough food and water to survive—nothing more. Authorities, who raided this settlement believe this was a tactic to force compliance and make slaves easier to deal with.   The question is—why slaves?  


Slaves are useless in Clockworks City. With video and audio everywhere, you simply couldn’t get away with it. Besides the fact that even the poorest gnomes have access to automation, so what use would a slave even have?   Unless your clients happen to be twisted mägo who feast on the sufferings of others.   That’s why Clamor Town breeds Screamers.


The following stats were taken from the Database of Law Enforcement.  







1.71 sp mi (4.44 km)


1.71 sp mi (4.44 km)


0.00 sp mi (0.00 km)  




972/sq mi

Screamers Found

2411 total
1972 alive
439 deceased

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