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One of the most diverse, and dangerous, ecosystems of life divides two of the mightiest kingdoms among Humans: Andilain and Ambasere.   Through the connections and full confidence of Höbin Luckyfeller, a bipartisan agreement, entitled H1-C-FIN101 has been cosponsored by King Robert III and King Borislav. Both kingdoms, desiring to lay hold of information surrounding the abundant dragon population, drafted the agreement to hand the exploration and cataloging of the Dragons Chasm over to the gnome zoologist Finley Greenhopper   Myself (Höbin Luckyfeller) as professional consultant to both kings and Finley during this process.   TGII help us all.   (Never said is weals a good idea…)

Nature’s Scream

This seeming scar upon the land was fully-formed when Mahan was bound by the Demoni Vankil.   I say ‘fully’ because there was always a ravine separating the north from the south, but it was recorded by merchants to have only been three days ride wide. The full chasm we have become accustomed to was ripped wide when our enemy was bound and he unleashed his pain and made nature scream .   The result was a rending of the land.   …and a new ecosystem opened up to support multiple species of serpents.    

Pinwheel: A New Frontier

Hidden below the lip of H1-C-FIN101 is a superstation, run by both Gentre and Kutollum, under the direction of famed zoologist Finley Greenhopper.   This construct of gnome engineering is the center of knowledge for the Dragon’s Chasm—where a staff of 212 brings in more than 100 new and exciting samples a day. These samples are then examined, studied, tested, and catalogued in Pinwheel’s independent database. Several full-time scribes then take that knowledge and make scroll copies for participation sponsors.   The fascinating part of this station is the utilization of technology among a people that fear such as ‘black magic’.   Course—that’s why Pinwheel is a secret.    

What Pinwheel Studies

The underlying purpose is to analyze the whole of H1-C-FIN101 to discover both the complexities of the dragon race, as well understand exactly how they function and interact with their environment.   To do this, H1-C-FIN101 is being broken down even as this article is prepped for publication. That being said, please note that this is only a marker—and more information about this biome will be forthcoming from Dr. Finely himself.   Pinwheel currently has 61 ‘fingers’ (cables attached to various scout stations below the mist) available. Each of these fingers are assigned a research team, who use special equipment to venture into the dangerous atmosphere to collect samples for the study of various living and non-living components.   These include primary producers, consumer species, detritivore species, and abiotic components.


Samples gathered are used to study both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  


forest biomes
arctic biomes
grassland biomes
desert biomes
tundra biomes
urban biomes
littoral (seaside) biomes
(among thousands of others)  


lake biomes
river biomes
swamp biomes
A recent discovery revealed an ocean connection to H1-C-FIN101 through immense underground caverns.

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