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Dragons Chasm

Home of Serpents

North of the City Andilain, beyond Northridge, Lake Marsh and Beth-Häron is the dividing gulf between the lands of King Robert III and The Winter Wolf, King Borislav. A domain where few dare to tread and fewer still return at all. A barrier between domains...and home to some of Humärs greatest myths, such as the Verrdrä and the Mines of Madness.   This gulf is the Dragons Chasm.


The aftermath of the Great Sundering, Dragons Chasm stretches nearly the width of Humär. Dropping nearly a thousand feet, it has become a depository for mountain runoff, making it the largest freshwater lake upon the continent.   Separating the nations of Andilain and Ambasere, the Dragons Chasm abruptly ends at each sidewall and stretches nearly 50 miles at its widest point.   The east end of the chasm connects to the base of the Red Mountains, taking in the magma runoff of its central volcano. The west end of the divide butts up against the Kraken Steps, providing numerous natural caves.

Fauna & Flora

The constant mixture of magma and freshwater produce a mist effect over the whole of the geography. This mist both obscures vision throughout the area, while also creating a near-tropical atmosphere. This allows a large number of carnivorous plants to thrive where normal climate conditions for this region would make such growth impossible.   Rocky cliffs make up nearly 60% of the outer rim, while condensed, yet sparse rising landmass and islands account for the remainder. Though there are forest areas, most flora is limited to grasses, shrubs and smaller plantlife.   Taking after its namesake, Dragons Chasm is best known for the plentiful population of dragons. Breeds include Screamers, Rimmers, Flattails, Butterfly, Vottle, Ourin, Veri and Käälästäjä to name a few. Larger breeds have been spotted by trappers and tamers, but yet to be identified.   Despite the large population of land and air predators, the region supports an abundant wildlife ecosystem, rife with birds, rodents and larger animals including deer, elk, and wild boar.

Natural Resources

Dragons Chasm has abundant fishing, small game and rare predatory prizes for trappers skilled (and brave) enough to venture down the winding paths, into the mouth of the unknown.   Miners have, on both sides of the divide, discovered large deposits of ore including copper, iron, lead, and silver.
Alternative Name(s)
Dragons Divide, Serpents Chasm


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