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Nature's Scream

Though the mägo and mystics of the world have scorned humanity for turning a blind eye, I have to agree with them…at least this once.   We have no idea how powerful we are.   How the gods made us, as beings of creation.   The Nocturi always preached that when a child could bring both their mind and heart together unity—anything was possible.   Anything.   The world scorned them and mocked them—yet the Noctouri were, without a doubt, the most powerful mägo to ever walk this world. Not a single child entered the University of Magic, because what was taught—they said—was too elementary.   You may doubt me and my views in this…that’s fine.   But take notice how a mortal took upon themselves power to become the darkness.   Take notice how others take upon themselves power to fight that darkness.   The difference?   The intent and use behind that power.   One invites nature to assist.   The other compels her to scream in pain.

Evil Cast Out

“We are gathered around the Prime Gate in Andilain. Being created first, it is the strongest. There are none here who are not necessary to the ritual. Mahan is in the center of the platform. None are permitted to stand near the prisoner, only the Gnolaum and the mägo, exerting their powers to keep the devil quiet and still.   “There is an older man, pale, withered and hunched in a red robe working with the Kutollum in stoking a fire just aside the steps of the Gate. There are three irons in the fire. We wait in hushed silence for the man in red to begin.   “The Dark Lord begins to struggle and cries out to the Gnolaum, ‘Would you curse a wayward friend?’   “I do not understand but the Gnolaum was taken aback as the Dark Lord starts to laugh.   “The man in red looked to me as he took one of the irons from the fire. ‘I am ready.’   “I ask if he would like to have his name recorded. He said ‘no’.   “Two Kutollum take the other irons from the fire and we follow the man in red up the stairs and to the devils side. He examines the iron in his hands and then leans down to the devil’s ear and I am forced to follow.   “‘For this moment I have sacrificed all I have ever had to give.’ And without a moments hesitation, he thrust the burning iron into the devils forehead, chanting words I cannot recall or identify.   “The hysterical laughter turns to screams as the man in red leans in hard. A scream which rends the very fabric of nature. I can smell the stench of burning flesh.   “Trees within the courtyard split in twain and the ground rocks and trembles. The Gnolaum calls out to the man in red but he is unmoving. I question if this is really necessary. He only smiles as he pulls the iron from the wound, casts it aside and holds out an open hand to the Kutollum. I am stunned to see the flesh completely burned away and the marks seared into bone.   “The Dark Lord’s screams grow with each touch until I fear the world will rip asunder. Three times is the devil branded thus, but as the third mark penetrates the devils flesh, silence falls upon us. The ground is still and though evil thrashes, eyes wide in pain and terror, he cannot scream.   “The Gnolaum speaks the words and the Prime Gate is opened. Through the portal I can see only darkness. The devils body rises from the alter, an invisible force pulling him violently into the void, but still being restrained by chains.   “The man in red whispers so only the devil and I can hear: ‘From darkness you came, to darkness you will return.’   “With a snap of his fingers the chains of the alter release their captive. The contorted body of Mahan is cast into the darkness, his eyes wide with a terror I cannot even imagine.   “The Gnolaum closes the gate and all is silent. There are no cheers, no laughter, not a sound of nature."  
Metaphysical, Arcane

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