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A land of rich history and bad resource always comes with the price of blood. For ages, Vyronika can been a vast collections of nations where the heavens and earth meet. Many of the laws nature provides are often questioned and challenged by the bustling inhabitants.

In a desperate attempt to curb the hunger of man and their advancements, the skies came tumbling down, the world split open, and seas dried up in strategic areas, punishing the most prominent nations across the four corners. Many died in what was considered the Guilt Calamity. Gods became a thing of the past and the world turned to a lawless land of scarcity and war.

Some still fight to believe in something. Many others fight to eat at night. Very few find the secrets within Vyronika that unlocks the true nature of the Calamity and the plans that befell those many years ago. The question is, can man solve the question before it is asked and if so, at what cost?

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