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In the First Age of the world, magic vibrated through every element of creation. Forests, mountains, and seas teamed with life. In the Second Age life was breathed into the elves by the old gods. They were beings, fair and full of light and life, created in the image of the green woods from which they emerged. Next the dwarves were carved out of the rocks of the towering mountains, hard, strong and stern. The first peoples were able to create vast and beautiful empires with the magic of the new world giving life to all they made. The world was one without shadow that lasted centuries. However, the Material Plane was not the only world that was made. Jealousy filled the evil god Surtur when he saw what had been created. Through terrible power he caused a great Cataclysm known as the Conjunction of the Spheres. All the planes of existence aligned and bled into each other. Creatures, cities, whole territories of land crashed into the Material Plane from strange and alien worlds. The worlds would have been destroyed had not Pelor descended from Mount Celestia and made a deal with Surtur. Surtur stopped the Conjunction and the gods returned to their planes. Famine and war followed as new creatures tried to find a place to survive in the Material Plane and to bend the world to suit them. The Cataclysm spelt the end of the second age and in the following years the light of the elves and the skill of the dwarves faded. The elves retreated into their ancient forests, while the dwarves built inaccessible strongholds deep in the mountains. The Third Age began with the arrival of humans fleeing their wars or some cataclysm of their own from across the seas. They prospered quickly and built their own cities in the decaying bones of the ones they found. The second people only rarely encountered elves. Dwarves they met with slightly more often due to their love of trade. For a time, the world seemed to be at peace. However, there is growing unrest between countries. Orc hoards have been stirring in the north and rumours of dragons are heard in every tavern. Sages and madmen alike cry out warnings of a second cataclysm. All that is known for certain is that times are changing…