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Vistala is a shattering planet torn by war and greed. In the Fourth Age, the Sundering, war between the superpowers of the Velliun Imperatora and the Convent escalated to mutual destruction. Each faction seeks to create and exploit power so that they may destroy the other. Casualties rose to the millions until both factions decided to spit in the face of creation and exploit the immense and fantastical power of the Firstborn.   Using the souls of the Firstborn to fuel their magic and technology, both factions burned continents and shattered mountains. The immense energy released in the following 10 years cracked Vistala to the core, breaking apart the continental plates. Cities disappeared as they fell into nothing while the ground collapsed around them.   After more than 200 years of conflict, the Imperatora sacked the Holy City of Centuren, capital of the Convent, forcing them to surrender. But the lingering effects of the war are felt throughout the world. The Sundering breaks the ground, collapsing cities and mountains, draining oceans. The Convent lies broken and scattered, the militant factions within the Imperatorum are more concerned with brazen power plays than fixing the destruction they caused. All that remains unified and tall is the small southern alliance of Aelince.