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The setting of the Seven Sins. Viridios is three times larger than the size of Earth, being colder and holding more water as well. The doldrums have both increased and shrunk to fit Viridios' differing size. Colder areas have expanded in area. The ratio of jungle rainforests to deserts are more in favor of the rainforests. Areas more likely to be cold are icy and snowy. There are plenty of small islands in the oceans. Magic is a renewable resource like water and sunlight. As Viridios is further away from the sun, less light reaches them and green energy research is focused more on other sources of energy. For example, wind, water, and nutrition mass. Scientists are looking into using magic to power electricity. The time range of the Seven Sins is the equivalent of the 1940's with lots of things from now and goes to the equivalent of the future. I'll be taking my inspiration from solarpunk, utopian futurism aesthetics, and fantasy stuff. Things like porcelain dolls and Japanese street clothes are really interesting so they might show up as well. I'm going to write up a lot of characters. Focusing more on the articles about places, the culture, and technology. I have a good idea of what to write.

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