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Vigrid exists in a universe parallel to Earth- geographically, the majority of the civilized world exists on a Pangaea-esque super-continent. There are numerous small islands covering the rest of the planet, but very, very few have anything populating them but sparse plant life and fish-eating birds. Most of the land is fairly temperate, with temperature differences owing more to altitude than location on the continent. There are two exceedingly large mountains towards the center of the land, the taller in the west and the eastern one being an active volcano.   The world was, until around 6500 years ago, populated solely with mythological figures- all mythological creatures from all religions that ever have and ever will exist on Earth, from centaurs and unicorns, to the Pompyon (a race of non-humanoid creatures with intelligence fer exceeding humans that will come to be worshiped by a certain cult on Earth around the year 2340,) to the Creator Almighty himself. However, around that time, "weak spots" began appearing in the veil between worlds and humans that stepped into said spots fell into Vigrid, where they were trapped forever, barring anything but divine intervention (which is not entirely unheard of, especially in the early years when the human's numbers were few.) Vigrid's location in relation to Earth is not entirely linear- humans crossing over usually come from within roughly one to two centuries of each other, though extreme outliers do exist.   The sudden and increasing appearance of humans caused most of the deities of the world to leave Vigrid's lands (or at least take on assumed identities when associating with mortals.) The loss of direct connection to their patron gods left the original inhabitants with a deep distrust against the interloping species, which was returned by many of the humans in kind. By the modern day, around 75% to 90% of humans in Vigrid live in the walled in city of Utopia(working name) on the far south-west edge of the land. Utopians as a group have extremely xenophobic tendencies, and often refer to non-human creatures as "beasts," "animals," or "monsters." The primarily creature country nearest to the Utopian border, Kami no Okoku, has a particularly tense (and in the last decade following the death of the High General's wife, often violent) relationship with the Utopians.   Utopia makes up for it's lack of room to expand by being a tiered city- the majority of ground level is farmland, military, and government installations, long-distance transportation is done by sky trains elevated far above the city, and all civilian installments (housing, shopping, ect.) are subterranean.   There exist more than 10 small counties across the land, most of which contain almost no humans- however, two major exceptions exist. Gaille, the city-state located directly south of the eastern volcano, has no one dominant species and by far has the most diversity of any location on the map. To the north-east lies Regnum Romanum Deos, a theocracy dedicated solely to the Creator Almighty. The country is every bit as xenophobic as Utopia, but is welcome to any person regardless of race, provided they worship the correct deity.