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The Worlds of Vernelis

Written by UmbralGoat

The Ancient World and the Risen World are two eras of divine prosperity separated by a time of damnation, suffering and global destruction... I don't think we will ever see something so catastrophic again in our lifetimes.
— Historian

  Vernelis is a world of Dragons, Magic, and the Fælen.

It's the third closest of ten planets in orbit around two stars, Heila and Talgeia; often, they are referred to singularly as Heila.

This system does not belong to any galaxy; rather it is traversing a gargantuan stretch of empty space. The closest galaxy dominates the night sky, while others form bright clouds in the night sky.

Vernelis is the largest of the Heilal System's four terrestrial planets. It has one large, blue moon that orbits nearly 500,000 kilometers away.

The Worlds of Vernelis

The face of Vernelis has been radically changed multiple times throughout history. Historians refer to the periods between such changes as "Worlds", and they loosely coincide with specific eras in history.

As of the 16th of Mervur, 994 TC, there have been two recorded worlds.

The Ancient World
Also called the Old World, the Ancient World refers to the time before the Dark Era. Chronologically, it was the first and longest-lived world. During this time, the lands inhabited by life were surface-bound, and the oceans were of water.

The Ancient World was mostly defined by the rule of Ancient Dragons- at the time the most powerful creatures to ever exist- and the delicate balance of magic upheld by the Primeval Trinity.

Much of the Old World's history before roughly 1,000,000 years BDV is not well-known. Civilizations appeared and disappeared rapidly in the unpredictable landscapes and territories of the Ancients. But as the relationships between mortal and divine creatures grew, stability was reached, and early kingdoms were able to flourish, if only briefly.

The Ancient World fell with the Great Death, which brought the world into the Dark Era.
The Risen World
The Risen World is the world of the current day, and has existed for roughly 400,000 years. It was created at the end of the Dark Era, named for the literal rising of the planet's continents into the skies by Saturn, the then-new Celestial of Time, Life and Order.

Ten large continents were lifted above the surface, leaving the suffering and destruction of the Dark Era behind, and between them formed dense, golden oceans of clouds. Below, the darkness formed beneath the clouds became one of the most treacherous regions of the world.

It is known that eternal storms rage in the darkness, and none have survived beneath the clouds. Some believe that the remains of an old mythical being are still trapped in the tumultuous oceans far down on the surface, following the great battle with Saturn.

The Risen World has seen the most advanced and rapid development of civilization in the planet's history, with several countries, empires and cities coming to fruition with the advancements in Soul Theory, Magic, and the early sparks of technology.

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Fascinating overview of Vernelis. I am very intrigued by the world below the clouds, but also I do not want to visit it. :D

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