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Ferisian (fehr-ISS-ee-an)

The Furred Tongue

Ferisian is the most widely used language in the world, and commonly taught alongside local languages. It was also one of the first developed languages, traced to early Faelen civilizations coincidentally around the time magic was observed in Ancient Dragons. It wasn't until sacrifices had to be tabulated and income of crops had to be taken down that the written forms began to take off, and as trade begun, early forms of standardization followed suit. It's name directly means "Furry Tongue", an affectionate reference to the fact that most Faelen have fur.


Each letter of the Ferisian alphabet has its own sound, with extra markings made to denote an alternative sound. For example:
The first "o" in the word "Ollör" (Property/area) is pronounced with an "Oh"-sound, while the second is marked for a more round "Uh/Ah"-sound.

This goes for all vowels. Other letters such as "D", "K", "þ", etc. have a single sound with variations only due to personal pronunciation or dialect.

For more details on the nuances of Ferisian as compared to English, see the note on language.


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