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Basic Information


Crownbears are small bears, usually no larger than 4 feet at the shoulder. Their most notable feature is their "crown". Three large spurs protrude from their heads, one in the front and two just outside of the eyes. The specific shape of these horns varies slightly, but it is common for them to flare horizontally near the base of the skull, giving the appearance of a crown. These horns are not purely decorative but instead protect the bears' eyes from the few creatures willing to fight them. Other than this, crownbears have normal ursine builds paired with light brown fur.

Ecology and Habitats

Crownbears are omnivorous and smaller than many other bears, making their dietary requirements much lighter than other bears. They tend to frequent forests but are able to survive in plains or even mountains if the food is plentiful. Their fur grows and sheds to match their environment, growing significantly bushier in colder environments and becoming much sleeker in warmer environments, or if the bear is frequently submerged.   Crownbears are generally not too disruptive on ecosystems when they are introduced, as their diet is primarily plant-based. Other large predators do try to hunt the bears due to their smaller size, but due to their small group nature generally protects them.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Crownbears live in small groups headed by a primus a mate or two, along with their children. Due to a lack of outstanding predators and an omnivorous diet, the crownbear social structure is notable cooperative.


Crownbears are naturally docile and cooperative and are easily lured with food and gentle care. This, however, has led to wild and domesticated crownbears being nearly the same with nearly no changes from domestication.   They are primarily used as beasts of burden, being easy to train to lift or pull heavy weights. Their natural strength and dexterity, paired with their even temperament makes them ideal for these tasks. Well trained crownbears can also be used as herding animals, due to their protective nature. Being bears, they can also be used as hunting partners, though not in the same roles that a dog might be used.

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