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Ventus is a world of magic where 108 different races live in relative peace with one another. It is a world of flying islands, hollow caverns, deep forests, underwater cities, etc. A world with Dwarves, Mermaids, Humans, Elves (the usual Fantasy schtick) and many more.   The world of Ventus is one with its own long, LONG history that encompasses well over 20K years, divided into many different eras. There's Pre-History, before History was written down. After that there's the First Era, which lasted around 2 thousand years. Following that is the Sky Ocean Era, which was 1000 years. Then there's the World Flood Era, 600 years. The Age of Angels is next, lasting 5 thousand years, followed by the 12,000 years of the Era of the Magic Council. Finally there's the Post Magic Council Era, which is ongoing.   The world of Ventus is inspired by real world cultures as well as the writings of Tolkien. I drew, and continue to draw, inspiration from different folklores on Earth to help create my world. Examples include Scandinavian, Spanish, Arab, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Zulu folklore.

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