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Madam Eva

Madam Eva (a.k.a. Katarina)

Madam Eva was born as Katarina to the Vistani people. She is the daughter of King Barov and a Vistani woman who the king took to his bed during one of his many crusades. She has told no one, not even her half brother Strahd of the royal blood that flows through her veins.   During one of Count Strahd von Zarovich's fights to maintain control of his land he was injured in an ambush by the Order of the Silver Dragon. Clinging to life the vampire was rescued by Vistani led by Madam Eva. She healed Strahd and became a trusted ally of the ruler of Barovia. She made deals with him and in exchange for new souls being brought to his domain he would allow the Vistani free reign of the mists that surrounded the land.   She had managed to discover a secret to immortality that she has refused to share with others. While she looks to be in her early seventies, Madam Eva is secretly much older.   She actually brings souls to Barovia in order to one day find ones strong enough to finally free Strahd from his curse and end his suffering.   Madam Eva is the one who brought both groups that defeated Strahd into Barovia. Once proving themselves and bringing the reincarnation of Tatyana to them, she preformed her skill of Tarokka card reading to reveal ways in which the groups of adventurers could find allies and items that could aid them in defeating Strahd.


Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Year of Birth
762 AN 749 Years old
Somewhere south of Barovia
Current Residence
Tser Pool Encampment, Barovia
Presented Sex
1.67m / 5'6"
Known Languages
Abyssal, Common, Elvish, Infernal


Parents: King Barov von Zarovich (Father), Unknown Vistani Woman (Mother)   Siblings: Sturm von Zarovich (Older Half Brother), Strahd von Zarovich (Older Half Brother), Sergei von Zarovich (Younger Half Brother.)

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