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Tradition for Heroes

Mengan Point thanks you, and awards you the title of Hero/Heroine/Heroix. With this title comes honor, responsibilities, and benefits. These are all in acknowledgement of the lives you have already saved, the responsibilities you have already taken onto your shoulders, and the benefits that you have given to others.
Taken from inner documents of the mayor's office in Mengan Point this is the scripted speech for when a person is given the Hero title.


Mengan Point is a Megacity which converged together about five years after people started developing powers that were normally found in comics. Originally, the there were five separate towns in the area (Nyonbert, Fort Hillska, Lake Cenpal, Saint East, and Cape Belat).    Each of these towns were already known for specific things (Nyonbert was known for it's chocolate factory; Fort Hillska was known for the battle of Fort Hillska; Lake Cenpal was known for ghost stories, Saint East was known for its music, and Cap Belat was known for its beaches), but when they merged into Mengan Point they became similar to districts (like how Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, and Kichijoji are all distinct parts of Tokyo).    Today, the entire megacity of Mengan Point is known for Mosaic University (for powered and nonpowered students), it's city life, and it's sports team in addition to all of its "districts" that each have their own pull and attraction.


The ceremony that bestows the title of "Hero" upon a person is both formulaic and not at the same time. While there is a piece of paper in the office that has the basic speech written down, there are places where the mayor can (and will) make the ceremony personal.    However, there are some points that cannot be avoided, such as the reminder that this title has placed responsibilities on the person's shoulder and that it's for life.

Components and tools

Mengan Point only uses three physical items for this ritual. 
  1. The "District" Pole - this is a pole with a large brass ring on the top and six items hanging on in total. Each item depicts the area, and the sixth one is for the Megacity itself. During the ceremony, the items at the top of the pole can represent more than just a conference of a title. (In some cases the life-saving took place in a specific district, or the hero is from a specific district, etc.). 
  2. The Emblem of Mengan Point. This emblem is used for the backdrop of the ceremony as well as the pin's background that's given to the hero. Since the pin is much too tiny, the emblem is shown on the screen for televised content as well as with the backdrop curtain.
  3. Hero's Pin. This pin also uses the emblem of Mengan Point and in the middle, engraved on a ribbon is the preferred Hero/Heroine/Heroix.


The two most important people attending the ceremony are the mayor and the person being given the title. Other than that, other people/organizations have been invited if needed or wanted (for example, Akira Suzuki's photographers were given clearance to take photos of the occasion).    If the mayor cannot join due to illness or sickness, then the ceremony will be done at a later date. If the sickness or illness is deadly, then it might be that the Hero will be waiting until the next mayor takes over. A ceremony will not go forth without the mayor to give a speech and pin.    (If the hero is sick or ill, arrangements may be made to visit them in the hospital. However, this award cannot be given after death, so if the Hero dies before the title can be given, the title cannot be given. There is a list of people who died before they could claim their title, but the list is smaller than those who did get their title since this is rare.)


This ceremony is observed when (date/day/time) it's most possibly for the mayor and hero to get together. There is no special day, however, there might be a "Thank You, Heroes" day depending on the location and which might be subjected to a reoccurring time and date.


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