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Coral's Shadow

"Coral's Shadow was one of the monuments that the sea folk gave to us. It stayed in the harbor, away from the fishing boats and close to the lighthouse. A bad storm passed through the area at once point, most likely a hurricane, and then the next day, there was no statue. Simple as that."    "Was it destroyed?"    "Well, some folks thing it was. Others think that the seafolk took advantage of the storm to steal it back since they were angry at us for something back then."    "What were they angry with us about?"    "Well...there's a reason they had a right to be angry...some of the folk here weren't listening when they set boundaries."    "So... they took it since we broke our promise."    "That's about it."   
— conversation between grandfather and grandchild 

Purpose / Function

Coral's Shadow was  a gift given by the seafolk to the town folk, showing that the two communities would be friends. It was set down by the lighthouse, which was also near the coral, and so it was named Coral's Shadow.    There wasn't much of the statue that landfolk could make out/understand (it wasn't a concrete image), but the seafolk had made it clear through their language that it was the image of hope and friendship.


The style is one from the seafolk, colors and objects sticking out from the statue in a way that was not see on land at that time. It was made with a very open and moving way of woodworking, and drapped/arranged with colors that were reminders of the sea (light corals, greens, blues, and seafoam).    Next to the landfolk-built lighthouse, the contrast of architecture could be best see in the wee hours before the day slipped into darkness and in the morning hours as sun spilled across the sea.


While the statue was there, washed by the tide, there was a high amount of tourism traffic (since it was coupled with the lighthouse) and several of the boats started giving glass bottom tours of the area as well. When the statue went missing after the storm, most people assumed it had been damanged/destroyed by nature, and a small plaque was placed near the lighthouse mentioning what used to be in the area.    However, with the loss of merfolk art (a rare commodity), tourism also slowly trickled to a halt, resulting in the boats going back to fishing instead of relying on tourists and feeding tours of the coral.


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