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City Hall

"Where else do you think this type of important information should be kept? At least this way we know when someone tries to steal information."   
— a mayor's aide in the HV Office.

Purpose / Function

When Heroes and Villains need to file paperwork, or they wish to contest paperwork/pay/actions, this is the room they come to. Depending on the day and time, the person they will talk to might be different (as much as they all want to talk to the same person to cut down on communication problems, that's simply not possible).    One of the reasons they might go there would be to drop off paperwork. When planning a heist, Villains are supposed to deliver the paperwork in hand and wait for the aide on duty to go over the details. This allows the city to have ambulances and medics on alert in case of possible problems. (No, Heroes are not allowed to hang around outside the building and take notes on who is going to be committing crimes soon.)   They are also the press liaison for many villains and heroes, but they don't give out in the information. Instead, they are the relay switch. This also means that any creepy or nasty notes are disintegrated before it reaches the Heroes or Villains.


The rooms are mostly designed to be open and with multiple desks so that one department can help another department. However, there are a few actual rooms at City Hall. One of the rooms is a storage area for extra tables, chairs, and other items that might be needed by an open event for the community (such as a Town Hall meeting).    Other rooms are for paper storage, dealing with Heroes and Villains, or in the mayor's case, there's an office to be used for private meetings.    The building itself is about twenty floors tall, and also contains a small convenience store in the building for anyone who is working later than normal or who wants to get a snack.


The room has been "proofed" against as many things as possible (fire, ice, EMP signals, etc.). While most Heroes and Villains are given the benefit of the doubt when coming into the office, sometimes there are instances when powers are out of control. This means that it's better safe than sorry, and if there is any damage done, then the person that did it will need to a pay for fixing and apologize in person to whichever aide had been on duty at that time.    There is a small box in the corner (disguised) to look like an end table which can be used in cases of extreme emergency (such as a Hero or Villain completely losing control over their powers). However, as of this point, the emergency box hasn't been needed. (In the case of younger powered people that are being accompanied by an older Hero/Villain that's acting as a mentor, they usually have the ability to control any problems that pop up.)


The room is part of the mayor's office, which is actually a much bigger building in the center of the city. The design of the building is more into the solar + deco art. And when possible, the motifs of all the districts were in the decor.    It's accessible to all beings with large front doors (made so that they can dial to the size of the door that needs to be open), a wide variety of chairs (with and without backing so tails can be comfortable). There's a wheelchair accessible ramp and bathroom as well as a small kids area for guardians, and a nursing station as well for anyone needing a small, quiet room.    Such areas as colored as well as possible for the occupants (strong rainbow colors for the play area, soft pastels for the nursing room, bathrooms split between stalls, non-stalls, family, along with a button-opening one in the middle for those who need it.    On the front desk there's a box asking for suggestions to be placed in there, and when the mayor goes through it it's usually on live TV for PR potential, and to show people that such suggestions are taken seriously and not thrown into the trash.


The building does have a lot of heavy walls, but the only other defenses it really has are alarms telling the workers there what's going on and what they need to worry about. (For example, there is an alarm about fire and smoke, another alarm about ice, cold, and freezing temperatures, another alarm about radiation, and etc.). All alarms are made of both sound and sight so everyone can seen and hear it. Each person is supposed to help anyone they're currently working with, so if a civilian was at desk 2 for a non-driver's license, and another person was as desk 3 for health insurance, then the people working those windows would help. If there are people in the waiting room, people who don't have a desk person need to help.    Last, but not least, there are sometimes the defenses that the people working their had with their own powers.


The building was created as part of Magen Point since it needed to be on land that all the districts touched (which is also why the area was re-drawn politically to have a small circle in the middle and have all the sides touch. That way no one district is held as "special" over the rest and there can be balance.     There was a bit of history infused as the building went up because a lot of different decorations were chosen from the places that make up Magen Point. For example. there are glass balls used for decoration that came from the beach district.


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