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Timores in the Woods

They sit up in the tallest parts of trees, watching without anyone knowing, their eyes larger than serving platters. There can be no warning before you are snatched off the forest path, as their limbs and hands resemble the surrounding tree branches and their arms are long enough that they don't have to leave their high perch. Fur that changes with the seasons covers the rest of their bodies, only their silver disc-like eyes showing. During the high winds and rains of spring, their shed winter coats can be found having been blown from the treetops. If one can find enough of this fur to weave cold weather gear, winter travel not only will be warmer but safer, or so we are told.   Traveling alone is the surest way to get picked off by these beasts. Unsupervised children are the easiest of targets, even in groups, being scooped up two or three at a time. Horrific scenes of twisted, broken bodies showing signs of dropping from terrifying heights have been discovered. Search parties have found victims thrown with incredible force into surrounding tree trunks, impaled by branches. Pieces of travelers ripped to shreds have been happened upon by those who have stopped to relieve themselves. Children, however, are simply never found again.   These monsters can navigate quickly over vast distances, their limbs for more than just grabbing the unsuspecting journeyer. Only one of these devils is needed to survey their land, but they can and do call upon others of their kind. Civilization has not encroached far into these wilds as there are instances of entire villages being demolished, the inhabitants slaughtered. Evidence usually points toward these poor souls attempting to expand into the creatures' territory. The older the forest, the larger the trees, the denser the woods, the more likely one will become a casualty.

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