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A land of both magic and mundane, separated into three major continents and thirty-two islands.   The first continent of Halgare-Yamitoka- the smallest continent, residing in the Northeastern hemisphere, with fifteen known major capitals and forty-three known cities. From largest to smallest, the capitals are as followed: Halfares, Foltam, Lamnik, Hosrita, Yem, Urou, Jasphamelka, Tylvari, Vaetou, Leshkaraza, Nopht, Kig, Minamousha, Gevla, Zetou.   The second continent of Sae-Yilmicha- slightly larger than the first, residing in the Southwestern hemisphere, with eight major capitals and seven known cities and several areas of Wildland. In order from largest to smallest, the capitals are as followed: Poska, Jouja, Haska, Nijinja, Lopan, Ethuru, Waska, Quez.   The third continent of Dhalzin-Hivlaska, residing in the very heart of the world and twice as large as Soazae-Yif. It boasts twenty-seven major capitals and seventy-three known cities. Known for the large opening in it's enter that holds three islands, the capitals of Dhalzin-Hivlaska from largest to smallest are as followed: Gilg, Hava, Noi, Jaspha, Kazaif-Mihikav, Jajuna, Nuskiluma, Vio, Lamine, Ogna, Inzik, Riz, Refna, Toul, Zava-Min, Limnik-Savahaldora, Salvadoria, Pera, Mivbak, Hazlak, Fenrik, Roukla, Tilf, Hoa-Nafska, Ylforda, Uln, Elafaza, Toz, Shif, Toukon.   Of the islands in the center of Dhalzin-Hivlaska, only one is truly known by name, though not much is know of it.   Kodachi Kodomo Island.   Islands Divytl, Foatr, Muok, Saldik, Ukabeka, Delfa, Fostbe, -/

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