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Saravslaw Velkov

Lord Saravslaw Mieszckovich Velkov

Saravslaw Velkov is the Lord of Saravgrad and head of House Velkov. He is a harsh law enforcer who earned fame for his part in the Siege of New Severgrad, and later the Second Battle of White Bay. However, over the years he also earned great notoriety for his brutal punishment of criminals and his enemies.


Saravslaw Velkov was first encountered by Tema, Evia, Jaakob, and Angelus on the island of Skøgas, where his retinue was lost in the supernatural fog over the island's waters. After helping rescue Saravslaw and themselves by lighting the island's lighthouse, the party was extended an invitation to Saravslaw's keep as thanks for saving his life.   Saravslaw would later recruit the party's aid in bringing peace between Saravgrad and the White Claw tribe, which had waged war against House Velkov for hundreds of years. In exchange for their aid, Saravslaw granted the party a sum of money and a letter to the College of Valtonen, granting Jaakob Gramlich access to the college.   Following the party's success with the White Claws, Saravslaw would survive an attempted poisoning he believed was planned by the Great House Belyaron, who covets sole control over the Pale Valley and Riverlands. Saravslaw revealed his suspicions that House Belyaron was behind the conflict in the Riverlands, and told the party he aims to bring the members of House Belyaron to justice and install House Velkov in its place as Great House of the Pale Valley and Riverlands.   Saravslaw recruited the party's aid once again, this time in delivering two letters to nobles Myslav Voronoff and Svetlana Tsermak in order to build an alliance against House Belyaron.   Before the party could leave Saravslaw's keep however, Tema and Jaakob intervened in Saravslaw's execution of a servant who was bribed to poison him. The intervention led to a minor brawl, resulting in the death of the servant and the imprisonment of Tema and Jaakob. Tema was sentenced to be executed for breaking guest right, while Jaakob was granted a trial by combat for his freedom. After Jaakob's triumph over Saravslaw's champion, the party left Saravgrad.


Family Ties

Betrothed to Svetlana Tsermak   Brother of Vira Voronoff

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Saravgrad   Warden of the Pale Valley
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Pale grey
Long, black
Skin Tone
Pasty white
160 lbs.
Aligned Organization
The Karadzic Principality
Other Affiliations

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