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Swears and Slang

Monolithic Militant Factions

These are the primary warring forces within Vazdimet. As such, they rarely mingle amongst other factions, resulting in a monolithic culture with their phrases although civilian circles may pick up additional phrases from the Vardan depending upon their exposure.  

Sparnell Confederation

The Sparnell Confederation centers around magic, Family, and political honor, as well as an expansionist bloodlust. As a result their more colorful language often calls upon Family names, and carries an undertone of magical violence.
Prep your crystal
Prepare for likely death, a reference to the tyrellium crystals storing the souls of the Afterlife Intelligences in Confederation ships. Typically implies the speaker will be the one to cause the pending death.
By the Void
general purpose expletive
By the Empress!
General purpose expletive. Snobby or patriotic, depending on context.
Get Shattered
Curse and insult. Also used as a dismissive phrase of disbelief among SAF members serving together, akin to "Get real" or "Get outta here"
Selkirk Shatter me
A variation on "Get Shattered," but this time directed at one's self to express surprise.
You're looking at a Selkirk retirement
Since TAGs do not have the option to retire, but are instead Shattered as too dangerous once they have outlived their usefulness, saying someone is looking for a Selkirk retirement implies they've begun proving themselves too dangerous to continue their existence. The expression is most often used to warn an individual when they're close to crossing a line when criticizing Confederation leadership.
On my Oath
An expression of loyalty. Does not typically matter whether or not the speaker has taken the Soul Oath, although the phrase carries added respect and obligation when spoken by an Oathbound to their Sponsor.
I'd trade helmets with them
A callback to the color-changing features of the SAF Uniform. While an individual can check the color of their uniform while wearing it, therefore verifying they have adjusted the color correctly, the helmets cannot be seen without a mirror unless removed. In active combat zones, if a color adjustment becomes necessary, mage teams will typically pair off to adjust each other's helmets rather than risk removing the protective headgear. In these cases the correct color adjustment is also critical, requiring absolute trust in their partners.
Kydell claim you
An expression of frustration, implying the target of the words (individual or object) requires someone to bring them in line. Less common since Admiral Kydell's disappearance, but still popular among the officers and upper echelon of the Sparnell Armed Forces.
Family disown you
Another expletive of frustration, this time implying the target is beyond all help. Easily taken as a grave insult.
Disgrace of <Family Name Here>
Also said as "<Family Name>'s Dishonor" and similar. A severe insult, sometimes bearing the target's actual Family name, other times the name of an already disgraced Family for extra effect. If spoken in public and the speaker's Family is not already at odds with the target's Family, they likely will be. Failure to defend a Family member from this insult – or to disown them in agreement – is seen as a failure of the Family.
redhead, can be insult or nickname depending on the relationship between subject and speaker
What the Families don't know can't hurt them.
Another variant, "I won't tell the Family," serves as a formal promise to keep a secret.
May your honor bring glory to us all.
a sign of respect, most commonly used in formal SAF ceremonies or as a statement of congratulations.

Hydell Order

Due to the religious nature of the Hydell Order, many of these revolve around the concepts of death, ancestors, and the Ascended Conclave.
damn the heretics
general purpose expletive
by/for/praise the ancestors/Conclave
exclamation of surprise or approval
by/for/praise the Conclave
Exclamation of surprise or approval, often attributing the Ascended Conclave for a positive thing. Sometimes also used sarcastically or ironically.
damn the ancestors
damn the Conclave
curse, often blaming Order leadership and the Conclave for the problem
traitorous heathen
insult and expletive
profane Resurrected
insult, implying the subject does not deserve to join the Ordained Ascended
We'll portal that Fareway when we get to it
Order equivalent of crossing that bridge, reminding not to worry about certain potential problems until they are known problems
Hell Jump

Space Defense Legion

The technological Space Defense Legion values mechanical technology over magical, and their common sayings and insults follow suit.
And then some magic happened.
Sarcastic statement implying an individual doesn't understand how to solve problems in their own field.
He thinks he's a Mage.
A method of calling someone arrogant.
Making a Hyperjump out of a portal hop
Overcomplicating something easy
Assuming a task requires a born talent instead of merely training and practice
another feather in your hat
Rather than medals, military recognition within the Active Defense Legion involves a literal feather added to one's dress uniform hat. Like medals, each feather maps to a specific achievement, with regulations not only on the type and coloration but also the length. The more extravagant the feather, the greater the feat.
Sparnelli dog
an insult with racist origins, especially when directed at canids

Open Factions

The remaining factions of Vazdimet interact more often with each other, as well as with the more monolithic warring groups. As a result, while they also possess their own unique flavors, they also borrow freely from others.  


Neutral traders of the universe, the Vardan have dealings with the majority of systems, although each Clan has their own trade routes. Borrowed phrases depend upon the Clan's customers. Shared phrases reference the Void, the realities of a nomadic lifestyle, and the words of trade.
thank the stars
expression of gratitude
con artist
insult or praise, depending on context
A little coin goes a long way
A statement of confidence in one's abilities. Sometimes also a veiled reference at a bribe.
What can't be sold can still be bartered.
A reminder to make the best of a bad situation.
weaving your words
To be able to talk yourself into beneficial situations. Common compliment for smooth talkers.
Prosperity to you and your Clan
A greeting or farewell, said as a sign of respect between equals
greedy pirate
Void mage
Prosperity to you and your Clan
Common greeting or parting phrase, between friends or respected business partners
out of the black
unexpectedly, without warning


The Freeholds are a hodgepodge of planets and cultures, with no two planets the same. Due to trade and travel between them some phrases are shared, others are more obscure. Newer Freehold planets are also more likely to use phrases from the faction which held them last. Members of the Freehold Coalition may pick up some additional Galactic Common phrases from the Mordena, although typically not until after the mercenary organization has defended them at least once.
thank the stars
expression of gratitude


The Mordena hail from all walks of society across the universe, and so also pull heavily from the phrases of other groups. Sparnelli curses are most common due to the original makeup of the group and then later recruits picking up and imitating phrases they are exposed to the most. Legion curses would be the least common, likely limited to former Legion and those closest to them.

Galactic Common

by the Void
general purpose expletive
Thank the Void/stars
general purpose expression of gratitude
Kydell's Shattered soul
A general purpose expletive made popular by the Turncoat Armada. Other bits of anatomy and different adjectives are often used as well, depending on the speaker. 'Rotting' is a popular descriptor.
Janikk's hairy arse
As with Kydell's name, other adjectives and anatomy may also be used. Because this is also a direct insult to the spirit guarding their planet, the use of Janikk's name in this manner is considered vulgar and not fit for polite company.
Navarch Shatter it
Also just "Shatter it." An abridged form of "May the Grand Navarch Shatter your soul," considered a curse but also an expletive along the lines of dammit.
Looking for a trip to the Resurrection Center?
A teasing phrase implying the subject is being foolish or reckless.
Feeding the Birds
a reference to death or dying
bolt of Electromancy
someone who cannot be stopped through ordinary means, usually used as a compliment for someone with a strong spirit
child/son/daughter of Sparnell
a grave insult, implying the target is a narcissist or only after their own gain


Munokkee yikk gromdornox!
Get eaten by dragonbirds! Implies this is the best contribution the recipient can make on society.
Nellopp lakkmaasit!
An expletive used upon the discovery of a small but critical task which has been overlooked. The words can also be used independently of each other in a similar manner. When used to indicate forgotten information, the first word is usually omitted.
Flesykoj darrnae ekki fylox.
"You think like a fylox." An expression of admiration for another's clever wits or decisions.

Factional Slurs

As a universe at war, the Factions have developed some colorful language to refer to each other. Below are many of the names used to refer to each faction. Some are universal; others are localized.  

Sparnell Confederation

Derogatory term for members of the Confederation, particularly the Sparnell Armed Forces, due to the brown color of their uniform trousers and the implications it's to hide when they empty their bowels in combat.

Hydell Order

a reference to their worship of the Ascended Conclave


Derogatory name for the Mordena, based upon the gromdornox (dragon bird) in their insignia.
blasphemous wasp
used by the Order



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