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Jake winced, switching to Sparnick, the words now sounding angry and authoritative. "Voids, I hate that language. Always feel so pompous when I use it. Not that this one's much better, when I speak it, although my Dad used to sing me the most soothing lullabies."
  Sparnick is the native tongue of the planet Sparnell, and the official language of the Sparnell Confederation. It is a guttural language and considered difficult to learn. When spoken fluently the words sound quick, harsh, and demanding, although native speakers are adept at making sentences sound surprisingly lyrical when sung.   Planets who join the Confederation are encouraged to learn Sparnick, with increasingly heavy handed tactics the longer this request is ignored. Conscripts with an inadequate grasp of the language receive additional training during their two years of schooling at SAF Military Headquarters, and may be granted the remainder of vocabulary with the language dictionary spell in cases where the student proves sufficiently attentive, or possesses critical skills in other areas.   The Confederation is actively working to impose Sparnick as the sole language across all their controlled planets and already the language is legally required for all business dealings, and the only one taught in the Confederation schooling system. Cities and more affluent planets have already largely succumbed to these demands, while smaller and more sparsely populated planets tend to retain more of their individual cultures.  
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Summer Camp 2023

Summer Camp 2023

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