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resurrection exercises

Resurrection exercises allow resurrected souls to adjust to their new living bodies through a series of exercises to first calibrate the soul to their new body, then regain their lost physical and magical capabilities as quickly as possible.   These exercises have since been adapted by others wishing to efficiently push their limits beyond their current and past capabilities.


Resurrection exercises were originally developed by the Sparnell Confederation, to ensure the full lethality of their TAGs. The practice was later expanded within the Sparnell Armed Forces to assist all those resurrected after dying in the line of duty, before eventually finding its way into all walks of Sparnelli resurrections courtesy of Family connections.   When the first Mordena broke away from the Confederation at the Baden, those familiar with resurrection brought the tradition with them. The mercenaries have since made their own improvements and adjustments, particularly for those resurrecting as a Blade for the first time, but the core practices and focuses remain the same.


Physical, Short Term

"Whoa, there, Lieutenant," a feminine voice drifted through the fog of his mind. "One thing at a time, sir. Let's calibrate your focus, shall we?"   He opened his eyes, his pupils shifting to follow the changing brightness and position of the small ball of light floating above the medical gurney as he growled in frustration. "I've been through these exercises before." The words were easier now.   "Then you know how important they are," she answered back cheerfully. "Good reactions. Now sit up."
  After any resurrection, there is an adjustment when the soul finds itself in unfamiliar territory. Reconstruction clones are never perfectly identical to the soul's prior residence, no matter the care taken in its growth.   Newly resurrected patients are provided with a set of exercises to help the soul calibrate to their new body. This begins with basic senses, working its way into simple movements to tie the soul's muscle memories into their new form.   These exercises are always guided by a healer, Afterlife Planner, or resurrection specialist for those experiencing resurrection for the first time. Those accustomed to the process, such as TAGs, are often left to their own devices unless they request otherwise.  

Physical, Long Term

Additional long-term exercises are available for those wishing to rebuild their prior muscle mass. While optional, these routines are highly recommended, particularly for those with physical roles.   Often accompanied by a careful diet and Alchemy regiment, these exercises have also become popular among fitness enthusiasts.  

Magical, Imperium Stretching

While the soul retains their prior familiarity and abilities with Magic, a Resurrected's new body will instead begin with their genetic Imperium reserves. Fortunately this is faster to resolve than one's physical capabilities. Strict adherence to a swell-developed set of magical exercises will allow an individual to return to their pre-death Imperium levels within two weeks, if followed correctly.   As with the more intense physical exercises, variations on these Imperium exercises have also been adopted by those seeking to stretch their Imperium reservoirs beyond the current maximum. These exercises are often modified from the original, with different phases of the process adding new spells and stretches, due to the inherent tendencies to use less magic the more proficient one becomes with a spell.   These limitations are less noticeable when merely returning a body to prior Imperium levels, as the body's physical unfamiliarity of the spell negates most of the soul's experience.
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