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    Loxira Incident Report

    The Loxira Incident Report records the efforts of the Inevitable Armada in locating their missing away team, including the famed Admiral Renkash. The report has also maintained additional commentary in the form of letters between Sparnell Fleet Command and Admiral Kydell regarding the event. Due to a systems glitch, portions of the private communications between the Afterlife Intelligences of the Inevitable were also enshrined within the report.  

    Loxira Incident Report

    At 1532 hours the Inevitable Vanquisher Two Away Team departed via Portal to survey the results of the Inevitable Armada's bombardment of Loxira, accompanied also by Inevitable Ship Captain Admiral Renkash and Inevitable Executive Officer Commodore Lawson.   At 1546 hours the Inevitable received a garbled distress signal from Vanquisher Two Communications Petty Officer Miller: "We are under attack! ... Renkash is ... survivor ... I repeat! ... attacking us! Help!"  
    Given his obsession with the Legion, it's a wonder there's anyone alive down there. I thought he was going to make me bomb the entire planet into rubble. Exhausting.
    — Sub-Commander Pallick Savage, Weapons
    You'd save a lot of energy if you did your job instead of running your mouth so much.
    — Acting Captain Commander Yiven Alanis, Navigations
    You're one to talk.
    — Senior Sub-Officer Vox Ellis, Communications
    You know it.
    — Acting Captain Commander Yiven Alanis, Navigations
      At 1547 hours Telepathic efforts failed to connect with any members of Inevitable Vanquisher Two.   At 1551 hours Inevitable Vanquisher Four arrived on the scene via Portal. Their extensive search failed to locate any sign of the members of Inevitable Vanquisher Two, nor the Inevitable's Executive Officer. Admiral Renkash's personal electropistol was recovered, charred and twisted beyond use. The pistol, ground, and surrounding area displayed the standard signs of an Atomic Detonator. No remains were found.   At 1557 hours the Inevitable requested Sparnell monitor the Oath Stones for the Oathbound within the missing Away Team. All Oath tethers were found severed.  
    Given the names of the Oathbound involved, recommend contacting Sparnell Fleet Command to deliver the news to Admiral Kydell. I pity whoever gets to tell that damn wolf he just lost his favorite lap cat.
    — Acting Captain Commander Yiven, Navigations
    Affirmed. Report sent. It's Fleet Command's problem now.
    — Senior Sub-Officer Vox Ellis, Communications
      At 1951 hours, a full four hours after confirmation of Vanquisher Two's disappearance, Vanquisher Four's search team was recalled due to planetary and atmospheric conditions. No remains were found.   Continuing efforts to contact Vanquisher Two via Telepathy and Soul Call. No response received or expected. All seven Missing in Action, Presumed Shattered. Full list attached.  
    You know they're not coming back. There are better things we could be doing than harassing a dead planet.
    — Sub-Commander Pallick Savage, Weapons
    Leave her alone, Pallick. This is my department anyway. Your job's done.
    — Lieutenant Olixa Limm, Maneuverability
    We stay until told otherwise. I know none of us were a fan of the cat but the Commander was a friend. Made this job bearable... I'm not giving up until Kydell gives the order.
    — Acting Captain Yiven Alanis, Navigations

    Notification of Loss

    Admiral Kydell Daimon of the Glorious Sparnell Armed Forces,   It is with great sadness and regret we write to inform you of the loss of several of your most valued assets as a result of the bombardment at Loxira.   The Inevitable Armada was unable to contact any of the missing with Telepathy or Necromancy, and all Soulbound were found severed from their Oath Stones. We have therefore pronounced all involved as Missing in Action, Presumed Shattered.
    • Ship Captain Vice Admiral Renkash Alenahs, Oathbound of Admiral Kydell
    • Executive Officer Commodore Lawson Zane, Oathbound of Admiral Kydell
    • Vanquisher Two Team Leader Commander Gorlik Jillianna, Commissioned of Admiral Kydell
    • Vanquisher Two Operations Officer Sub-Lieutenant Purchell Tark, Commissioned of Admiral Kydell
    • Vanquisher Two Targeting Senior Sub-Officer Jarkin Halley, Oathbound of Admiral Kydell
    • Vanquisher Two Communications First Petty Officer Miller Caz, Enlisted of Admiral Kydell
    • Vanquisher Two Medical First Petty Officer Kane Val, Conscripted of Admiral Kydell
      You will be pleased to note that Fleet Command awarded posthumous promotions in recognition for their exemplary service to the SAF. We thank you for their sacrifice. May the memories of their accomplishments bring glory to us all.
    — Sparnell Fleet Command
    Need I remind you, I protested strongly against granting Admiral Renkash Alenahs' request for command of the bombardment of Loxira. My efforts to temper his and his team's personal hatred of the SDL would have prevented this disaster if you had permitted me to finish their training while retaining their skills in Hydell Order space. Now the Glorious Confederation has dead war heroes rather than finely conditioned weapons.   I know my people. I know their strengths, and their limitations. I trust you will reconsider your inclinations to override my objections in the future.
    — Admiral Kydell of the Glorious Sparnell Confederation
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    Article requested by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull.

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    This is everything I hoped it would be. Fascinating. I love the little exchanges between the AI.

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    Thank you so much for requesting it! It was a pleasure to write, and helped me sort out some details too. All the traits of the best kinds of articles to write.

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