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Origin and History

The ancient times of Kheltland are steeped in the fog of legend and myth. The primitive tribes used the rivers to conduct trade over long distance. The channel dividing the mainland and the rest of Kheltland served as a central hub of commerce. By the time the island nation of Ghael had discovered this region, it hadn't even been named yet. The name was given by the Ghaellin, calling the land "Khaelunt" roughly translated to New/Wild Land.   The Ghaellin settled and began building along the channel. This angered the Khalt people, who called on the Ghaellin. When the Ghaellin arrived at the place often used for trade, they were surprised to find the painted warriors of Khaelunt. After a hard battle, Ghael proved victorious and beheaded the remaining warriors. To Ghael, this was an unprovoked attack, to the Khalts, the beheading of surrendered warriors was an unjust action after a well-earned victory.   For nearly nine generations, the Ghaellin and the Khalts would engage in small skirmishes similar in fashion with neither side gaining much ground. After generations of brutal mistreatment, the Khalts held a special meeting in secret with the Druid leaders of the clans. They banded together in an effort to force the invaders from their land and formed a special force of warriors from multiple clans. The selection of a champion was called for for each clan. The selection was held by combat tournaments disguised as a Khaltic celebration. Some Ghaellin even got envloved, thinking it all for fun. The winners were declared champions and those champions met together with the Druids.   The warriors were given the title of Garda, and they were taught the tactics of each of the clans with a vow to protect their homeland from all who would do harm to it or its people. The people adopted the name given to them by the Ghaellin but altered it to better suit their language. No longer Khaelunt, they were now Khaltund. The Khalts were unaware that, at this time, Ghael had fallen into crisis. The High King was dead and no other had been elected. Without the guidance of a proper authority, Ghael returned to infighting between the Ghaellin clans.   This Ghaellin crisis and the Khalt's greater numbers, allowed Khaltund to easily regain their lost land. Any Ghaellin that fought back were slain, those that surrendered were allowed to live under Khatlund rule. Over the centuries, Khaltund became the nation of Kheltland and it's people grew to be strong and proud. The Garda continues to serve as the official military of Kheltland still wearing the traditional paint of the ancient warriors.

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