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Ice Curse

In Ghael, there is a rare disease the people call the Ice Curse.


Cause of infection is unknown, although rumors suggest people contract the disease after finding themselves in a sudden blizzard while traveling in the mountains that never lose its snow.


Once contracted, the afflicted has difficulty feeling warmth, their skin has a blue discoloration and ice crystals begin to form on their extremities.


There is no known cure. However, the roots of the rare Frost Flower in the very same snow covered mountains have been known to stop the symptoms for a short time. Likewise, the magically warm black metal of Stygia have also proven to lessen the symptoms. If properly treated, those afflicted with the Ice Curse Disease can live another five years.


If left untreated the disease will consume the body in under a year. Leaving a statue of solid ice.


The only known method of prevention is to stay off of the northern mountains and choose the longer routes around.


While not contagious, there are those who fear the afflicted can spread this curse.

Cultural Reception

Those afflicted are often treated as anyone who is affected by a curse. The village does what they can to isolate and/or care for the individual in order to keep the person comfortable.

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