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FaeTheism (f-A-th-E-is-m)

Kheltland religion is best described as a worship of nature. Rituals include self care and maintaining the land so it is healthy.   This spiritual belief deems that the spirits of nature, Fae, are to be worshipped. That they can be given offerings for protection, guidance, or even a trade for favors. However, just like nature itself, these offerings are no guarantee of a desired outcome. Because of this worship of nature and nature spirits, the people of Kheltland have a deep understanding of plants, animals, the cycles of day and night, the stars and even the weather. So much so that it all can be used for divination and oracles.   On a practical level, the practitioners of FaeTheism know an intense variety of plants that can help or hurt people and animals. Making Kheltland druids and healers particularly powerful and many outsiders seek their aid or to learn from them. The farmers of Kheltland are the pride of the nation, and seem to know on a near instinctual level of when and what to plant, maintain, and harvest. This makes Kheltland Agriculture particularly desired from it's political and economic allies.   Key Concepts and Deities:   The Wheel - the Wheel is a concept more than a deity or god. The Wheel is responsible for time and the seasons. It brings about the cycle of day and night. Many believe the Wheel is the very world they live on.   The Lovers - The Sun and the Moon are seen as deities of a unique variety. The Lovers are two divine spirits that fell madly in love and the people worshiped them as the icons of love itself. The gods grew jealous of the affection the two received and cursed them to be forever separated. They made them into the sun and the moon. The Lovers quickly learned to use the stars to send each other messages. Soon after, the Lovers learned to unite for a few short hours, thus the moon casts a shadow over the sun. Unbeknownst to the Lovers, the gods cast yet another curse. People both in Kheltland and Dermik born during the eclipse would be cursed with vampirism later in life.   The Hermit - The Hermit knows their land well, and ventures into the sacred groves without fear for they teach that a solitary life is one of self empowerment. Living quietly and alone allows for the freedoms to do as one pleases, however there is always a drawback. For without a close circle of friends and family, the Hermit cannot ask for help when it is needed. Worshipers of the Hermit are often private people, farmers, druids, witches, and Rangers. The sacred tenets are to treat your environment and body with the respect it is owed. The Hermit's messengers are the Dryad, tree spirits and they visit to bring omens whether good or bad.   The Well - The Well is a sacred place that only the worthy can find. Once there, they are met with a humble stone well and a bucket. This Well will only fill the bucket with the water of knowledge once a sacrifice is made and placed in the bucket to be lowered. If the sacrifice is great enough, the Well will grant untold knowledge to the drinker. If the sacrifice is not, then the bucket will only provide a little, such as predictions for the day. Worshipers of the Well are known to be scholars and diviners.
Religious, Druidic Circle
Permeated Organizations

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