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Dragon Knights

The order of the Dragon Knights is fundamentally the religious policing military force of Asthar. These highly specialized paladins, of their respective order, patrol the nation of Asthar and its allies. The Dragon Knights, as a whole, are seen as the religious elite from the view of the average Asthar citizen, and as paragons of their order by the priests. Through the rigorous study of their chosen god, the Dragon Knight's body would slowly shift to that of a bipedal dragon with scales that reflect the god they worship. Not all changes are the same however, some may only grow wings and a tail, while others grow horns and powerful claws. Some Knights even appear more dragon-like while some remain mostly human in appearance.   The relationship between a Dragon Knight and their chosen deity is a personal one, often reflecting their chosen path in life. A typical Dragon Knight will begin their journey by following a career path such as a town guard. As they study their faith, they naturally gravitate to the teachings of a dragon god whose tenets reflect that career path. For example a soldier may naturally gravitate toward the teachings of Autorität, the chief dragon god and most associated with war. Meanwhile, an artist may eventually become a Dragon Knight of Majestät, the mother of art and beauty.   Followers of Autorität are easy to find by the sash, adorned with red jasper beads. While the majority of Autorität worshipers are soldiers, guards, or mercenaries; Dragon Knights of Autorität are exclusively members of the King's royal guard. The Dragon Knights of Autorität hold authority above the regular Royal Guard and directly serve the Asthar Royal Family. Because of the tenets of Autorität, the Knights are masters of combat and know a wide variety of combat styles and techniques making the Dragon Knights highly skilled warriors and dedicated practitioners of the art of war. Autorität is revered as the chief god of the Dragon Pantheon and is commonly associated with aspects of Honor, Might, Justice, and Law. His divine domains are War, Zeal, Protection, and Order.   Followers of Majestät often see art, in its many forms, as sacred by seeking beauty in all things. Most worshipers of Majestät are performers, artists, and bards. Many Dragon Knights will dedicate their spare time to the practice of an art of their choosing and even teach classes in the temples. Most priests will officiate wedding ceremonies. A follower of Majestät will often carry a rosary made of Rose Quartz, those who cannot afford such stones will wear a sash of similar color. Majestät is often associated with aspects of Love, the Arts, Beauty, and Passion and is considered the mother of dragons. Her divine domains are Light, Nature, Twilight, and Peace.   Followers of Leben serve as nurses, doctors, and healers. Some priests will even perform wedding ceremonies, despite not directly following the teachings of Majestät. Meanwhile the Dragon Knights of Leben are known to travel to places of sickness and natural disasters to provide medical aid. Dragon Knights of Leben prefer to converse with someone rather than resort to combat. However, when pushed to their breaking point, combat with a Dragon Knight of Leben is often described as ruthless and overpowering as they refuse to yield to their opponent. Devoted followers of Leben will carry a tower of Selenite at all times. Leben is the wife of Sdaur, the dragon god of death and burials, Leben is associated with Fertility, Birth, the Day and Mortals. Her divine domains are Life, Light, Nature, and Peace.   Meanwhile the Dragon Knights of Sdaur are experts of divination and are even known to visit others in their dreams to deliver messages. The Knights of Sdaur are also keenly aware of the natures of death and serve as religious assassins. Followers of Sdaur are often morticians and counselors for the grieving; they are also caretakers for graveyards. Dragon Knights of Sdaur will often assist the order of Leben in medical practices and study by way of autopsy and performing burials. Many followers will also serve as oracles and diviners by looking into dreams and seek to find their meanings. An Obsidian tower can be found with them at any given time. Sdaur is commonly associated with Burials, Funeral Rites, the Night, and Dreams and his divine domains are Death, Grave, Twilight, and Order.   The Dragon Knights of Zeit specialize in magic and prefer to devote their time toward pursuits of knowledge and judicial law. Combat with a Knight of Zeit will result in overwhelming magical power thrust upon their opponent. To the followers of Zeit, knowledge is sacred and vast archives can be found within their temples, many of which serve as schools for the public. Typical worshipers are often wizards, educators, librarians, lawyers, and judges and are known to document as much as they can and offer their research to the temples. Paladins and priests are scholars and monks and work in the academies and libraries across the allied nations. Those worshipers, operating outside the allied borders, often find work as delegates and attend council meetings for international politics. A follower of Zeit can be found by the Sodalite bead decorating their quill. Zeit is commonly associated with Time, Wisdom, Logic, and Magic and his divine domains are Knowledge and Trickery.   The Dragon Knights of Wolke are free spirited by nature and are prone to wanderlust. Being on their own for literal years on end have made them extremely self reliant and thus highly capable at one on one combat. The Knights of Wolke are sometimes called Wolke's Duelists. Being free spirited people who enjoy their own company; followers of Wolke are often sailors, dragon riders and explorers. The careful study of the wind and sky make them excellent predictors of the weather. Paladins and priests of Wolke are pilgrims seeking the smaller joys of solitary life. They even provide counsel to those who need someone to talk to. This, ironically, makes them excellent public speakers. Many followers of Wolke keep Aventurine on them in some way or another. Wolke is commonly associated with Spring, Air, Wind, the Sky, and Flight and his divine domain is Tempest.   The Dragon Knights of Orkan are revered rangers in their order and will guide those lost in the wilderness, back to the safety of society. They are also pathfinders and will clear away thick brush with incredible ease, thanks in part to their druid-like magics. Many Dragon Knights of this order will teach rangers the ways of the wild. Followers of Orkan enjoy watching the annual storms, sitting in the rain, and love taking in the cold morning air. From the view of an outsider, the worshipers of Orkan are often confused with worshipers of Wolke. It is because of this, many followers also associate Orkan with hunting and foraging, making Orkan a ranger deity. Followers of Orkan make use of Turquoise arrowheads or wear a sash of similar color. Orkan is commonly associated with Winter, Rain, Storms, Thunder, and Hunting. Meanwhile his divine domain is Tempest.   The Dragon Knights of Frieden are also called Frieden's Mercy. These Knights are hunters of the most vile creatures of the land and they use their power to put a clean end to their harmful ways. These Knights are the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the religious order and often act as investigators working above the local law enforcement. Many serial killers have seen their end at the hands of these Dragon Knights. Followers of Frieden are humanitarians at heart and will help any who ask. These people seek to settle social issues of equality in all aspects of life. Paladins and Priests will seek out those in need, providing shelter for the homeless and jobs for the jobless by putting them to work within their order as acolytes. These acolytes are then trained to hunt the creatures and people that would prey on others and bring them to justice. Those that cannot be redeemed are put to the sword. The Devout of Frieden wear Pearl earrings. Frieden is commonly associated with Compassion, Mercy, Justice, Charity, and Luck while her divine domain is Life.   The Dragon Knights of Arbeit are shrewd business men and women. Operating more as mercenaries and requiring that all of their services are paid for in full. Before the job even begins, these Knights will produce a contract that the hiring persons are to sign before any actions are taken. Followers of Arbeit are laborers, traders, crafters, and all around hard working people. Their labors act as a silent but active prayer to Arbeit and she answers in strong foundations, materials, and rewards. Paladins and priests are often business owners and study commerce religiously. Their hard work is rewarded with material wealth and a blossoming community. Followers of Arbeit do not keep Citrine on their person, however they will use the stone on entryways and decorate lock boxes with them. Arbeit is commonly associated with Summer, Work, Commerce, and Trade. Her divine domains are Nature, Knowledge, and Light.   The Knights of Feiern act more as heads of ceremony than Knights, hosting many competitions and celebrations that easily gather a crowd. When a festival they are hosting is interrupted or ended without a closing ceremony, the Knights of Feiern are known to swiftly punish the offenders and move on as if it never occurred. Followers of Feiern are farmers, cooks, bakers, and brewers. They are a lighthearted people and know the joys in all things begin with a hearty meal and a good drink. Her worshipers are quick to find any excuse to celebrate any occasion. Most farmers worship Arbeit in conjunction with Feiern. Followers of Feiern keep a large Topaz as a centerpiece to their tables. Feiern is commonly associated with Autumn, Harvest, Food, Drink, and Celebrations; meanwhile her divine Domains are Life, Nature, and Trickery.



Each order typically harbors 1,000 Dragon Knights. Making 10,000 Knights in all. The various temples acting as their supply chain and sponsors.   When a new knight is being trained, they are paired with a priest or a fully-fledged Dragon Knight within the order. Providing a combination of temple study and hands-on field practice.


Typical Dragon Knight equipment is dependent on the order in question. However all carry supplies relative to their order and specialized field of training.   A typical Dragon Knight can be seen by the following:   Proficiencies
  • Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shields
  • Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
  • Tools: None
  • Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom, Charisma
  • Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion
  • (a) a mace or (b) a war hammer (if proficient)
  • (a) scale mail, (b) leather armor, or (c) chain mail (if proficient)
  • (a) five javelins or (b) any simple melee weapon
  • (a) a priest’s pack or (b) an explorer’s packA shield and a holy symbol


During a Dragon Knights’ training, any titles or land they own is stripped away and the knight in training will be assigned a guide to report to. This guide is often a priest of the Dragon Pantheon or an accomplished Dragon Knight. It is the guide’s duty to ensure the Dragon Knight in training is given equal parts study and field experience. By encouraging the knight in training to seek field experience, it is not uncommon to find a Knight with an adventuring party. Once the knight is experienced enough, a ritual is held in their honor and they are granted the ability to hold land and title once again. This ritual lasts for three days, the first day is to honor the Dragon Gods and their generosity. The second day is served to honor the guides for their service and dedication. The last day is to honor the Dragon Knight with a great feast, access to land and title, and general festivities.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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