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Draconic Cult

The worship of Dragons in Asthar is older than the nation itself. In a time long ago, the nation of Asthar was divided by several smaller kingdoms. These kingdoms were in near constant conflict, alliances would form and collapse for many years. That is until a champion had been selected by the Dragon Gods, a priest in training had been visited by a dragon with scales of red jasper. This dragon told him, that he would unite the kingdoms and anoint its first king by rite. Upon his success, the kingdom of Asthar had finally been made whole and its first king crowned, the Draconic Cult had been named the primary religion of Asthar. Shortly there-after, many temples dedicated to each of the Dragon Gods had been built across the land.     Autorität - Red Jasper -Followers of Autorität are easy to find by the sash, adorned with red jasper beads. The Dragon Knights are highly skilled warriors and dedicated their lives to the art of war. The majority of Autorität worshipers are soldiers, guards, or mercenaries. Autorität is revered as the chief god of the Dragon Pantheon and is commonly associated with aspects of Honor, Might, Justice, and Law. His divine domains are War, Zeal, Protection, and Order.   Majestät - Rose Quartz -Followers of Majestät often see art, in its many forms, as sacred by seeking beauty in all things. Most worshipers of Majestät are performers, artists, and bards. Many Dragon Knights will dedicate their spare time to the practice of an art of their choosing. Most priests will officiate wedding ceremonies. A follower of Majestät will often carry a rosary made of Rose Quartz, those who cannot afford such stones will wear a sash of similar color. Majestät is often associated with aspects of Love, the Arts, Beauty, and Passion and is considered the mother of dragons. Her divine domains are Light, Nature, Twilight, and Peace.   Leben - Selenite -Followers of Leben serve as nurses, doctors, and healers. Some priests will even perform wedding ceremonies, despite not directly following the teachings of Majestät. Dragon Knights of Leben are known to travel to places of sickness and natural disasters to provide medical aid. Devoted followers of Leben will carry a tower of Selenite at all times. Leben is the wife of Sdaur, the dragon god of death and burials, Leben is associated with Fertility, Birth, the Day and Mortals. Her divine domains are Life, Light, Nature, and Peace.   Sdaur - Obsidian Husband of Leben. -Followers of Sdaur are often morticians and counselors for the grieving; they are also caretakers for graveyards. Dragon Knights of Sdaur will often assist the order of Leben in medical practices and study by way of autopsy and performing burials. Many followers will also serve as oracles and diviners by looking into dreams and seek to find their meanings. An Obsidian tower can be found with them at any given time. Sdaur is commonly associated with Burials, Funeral Rites, the Night, and Dreams and his divine domains are Death, Grave, Twilight, and Order.   Zeit - Sodalite -To the followers of Zeit, knowledge is sacred and vast archives can be found within their temples, many of which serve as schools for the public. Typical worshipers are often wizards, educators, librarians, lawyers, and judges and are known to document as much as they can and offer their research to the temples. Paladins and priests are scholars and monks and work in the academies and libraries across the allied nations. Those worshipers, operating outside the allied borders, work as delegates and attend council meetings for international politics. A follower of Zeit can be found by the Sodalite bead decorating their quill. Zeit is commonly associated with Time, Wisdom, Logic, and Magic and his divine domains are Knowledge and Trickery.   Wolke - Aventurine -Followers of Wolke are often sailors, dragon riders and explorers. They are free spirited people who enjoy their own company. The careful study of the wind and sky make them excellent predictors of the weather. Paladins and priests of Wolke are pilgrims seeking the smaller joys of solitary life. They even provide counsel to those who need someone to talk to. This, ironically, makes them excellent public speakers. Many followers of Wolke keep Aventurine on them in some way or another. Wolke is commonly associated with Spring, Air, Wind, the Sky, and Flight and his divine domain is Tempest.   Orkan - Turquoise -Followers of Orkan enjoy watching the annual storms, sitting in the rain, and the cold morning air. From the view of an outsider, the worshipers of Orkan are often confused with worshipers of Wolke. It is because of this, many followers also associate Orkan with hunting and foraging, making Orkan a ranger deity. Paladins and Priests of Orkan will guide the lost, from the wilderness, back to the roads towards civilization. Followers of Orkan make use of Turquoise arrowheads or wear a sash of similar color. Orkan is commonly associated with Winter, Rain, Storms, Thunder, and Hunting. Meanwhile his divine domain is Tempest.   Frieden - Pearl -Followers of Frieden are humanitarians at heart and will help any who ask. These people seek to settle social issues of equality in all aspects of life. Paladins and Priests will seek out those in need, providing shelter for the homeless and jobs for the jobless by putting them to work within their order as acolytes. These acolytes are then trained to hunt the creatures and people that would prey on others and bring them to justice. Those that cannot be redeemed are put to the sword. The Devout of Frieden wear Pearl earrings. Frieden is commonly associated with Compassion, Mercy, Justice, Charity, and Luck while her divine domain is Life.   Arbeit - Citrine -Followers of Arbeit are laborers, traders, crafters, and all around hard working people. Their labors act as a silent but active prayer to Arbeit and she answers in strong foundations, materials, and rewards. Paladins and priests are often business owners and study commerce religiously. Their hard work is rewarded with material wealth and a blossoming community. Followers of Arbeit do not keep Citrine on their person, however they will use the stone on entryways and decorate lockboxes with them. Arbeit is commonly associated with Summer, Work, Commerce, and Trade. Her divine domains are Nature, Knowledge, and Light.   Feiern - Topaz -Followers of Feiern are farmers, cooks, bakers, and brewers. They are a lighthearted people and know the joys in all things begin with a hearty meal and a good drink. Her worshipers are quick to find any excuse to celebrate any occasion. Most farmers worship Arbeit in conjunction with Feiern. Followers of Feiern keep a large Topaz as a centerpiece to their tables. Feiern is commonly associated with Autumn, Harvest, Food, Drink, and Celebrations; meanwhile her divine Domains are Life, Nature, and Trickery.


The clergy of the Dragon Cult undergo rigorous study and are taught the various rituals, tenets, and ceremonies of each sect. After the first year of study, a cleric is then allowed to choose their sect and are assigned a temple to work as the understudy to the current priest.   During the course of their studies, the cleric's body begins to change much like the Dragon Knights. Scales form on their body, the eyes change color and the pupil changes shape. Horns and a tail sprout from their body and some even grow wings. However, their body does not make a complete transformation as the Dragon Knights do. Many believe it is the combat training that completes the transformation.   Because of the growth of wings, many priests wear robes with an open back while some priests and priestesses may choose to wear more revealing clothes as the display of their Draconic forms is a show of pride and devotion with their faith, despite the laws related to decency.

Granted Divine Powers

The Dragon Pantheon leads a Priest down the holy path of becoming an operator of their chosen Deity. This Study results in a variety of powers granted by their chosen Dragon, most of which take the form of physical traits reflecting the Dragon of their worship. These blessings are referred to as Divine Growth and each growth granted is permanent.     *Note: Armor or Clothing must be made to accommodate the Divine Growth otherwise, they may be destroyed when they manifest.*  
  • Dragon’s Strength: The Dragon Priest has been imbued with the strength of their divine faith.
  • Dragon’s Wisdom: The Dragon Priest has been imbued with the wisdom of their divine faith.
  • Claws: The Dragon Priest grows a set of claws from their hands and feet allowing an unarmed strike to become natural weapons.
  • Fangs: The Dragon Priest grows a set of sharp dragon-like teeth.
  • Dragon’s Eyes: The Dragon Priest’s eyes have changed, resembling that of a Dragon’s. This Divine Growth grants the Dragon Priest a powerful gaze that offers the priest the ability to see through a person's deception.
  • Dragon Horns: A set of horns, grows from the priest's head. Many priests choose to decorate their horns with cloth and beads related to their faith.
  • Dragon Wings: On rare occasions, some Priests will sprout a pair of dragon-like wings from their back, gaining the ability to glide and fly.
  • Dragon Tail: Rarer still, a large, Draconic tail may grow from their bodies, improving their balance both on the ground and during flight.
  • Voice of the Dragon: Each Dragon Priest and Dragon Knight is granted a divine boon; they can now use a breath attack in relation to their Draconic deity. This breath attack is yet another reflection of their faith allowing for this ability to use the same elemental power of their chosen deity.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Dragon Knights from each order act as a religious police throughout Asthar and its allies. Some high ranking Knights even assist in royal meetings and provide council directly to the Royal Family.


Each Dragon God serves as a separate sect within this religion, however, many of these sects operate within the same temple. The Knights of each order freely interact with one another as do the priests when their assistance is called for.
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Cult of Dragons, Dragon Pantheon, Dragon Worshipers
Government System

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9 Jan, 2022 16:38

Under Feiern: Most farmers worship Arbeit in conjunction with Arbeit. > Is this a mistake? Maybe have a look :) Well I like dragons, so there is nothing wrong with any of that. You gave all of them domains and a link into the world, which is great.   But you could think about giving the Dragon Knights specific feature depending on the dragon aspect they chose. So technically you could expand "their bodies become more dragon-like. " Priest could also have that but in a weaker form. I have the feeling, that you have potential here to flesh out what you already mentioned and thus make the dragons and their followers feel more unique among themselves.   Do they have different scale forms and colors? Eye colors and horn styles? Maybe some of an extra claw or different kind of tails? (as in each aspect)   What I would also like to see if some sort of identification feature for the different aspects. Do they wear different clothing or simply symbols? Do they have a specific greeting or in general traditions?

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”
1 Feb, 2022 17:06

@Drake Ragon: Thank you for the feedback! It was a genuine surprise to see that someone interacted with this work in progress.   " Is this a mistake?" it is actually, thank you for catching that.   I have been working on a concept of the priesthood being a difference in form. While the Knights look more like the Dungeons and Dragons' Dragon Born, the Priests look more human with scales that match the color of their chosen god, some have a set of wings, others have a tail, etc.   Yes, each sect if you will, has different scales, horns, tails, etc depending on the god they worship. Those who devote themselves completely in the teachings of a single dragon will appear more like them. Meanwhile those who balance their faith amongst the pantheon will reflect that by way of more subtle changes. The general population may have just draconic eyes or the hint of scales, but the major features will not show. However, I haven't found the time or the right wording as of yet due to work and classes.