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The Orcs of Sedulous has been trying to answer a burning question, how can they make general labor safer and easier? The answer, the Bronze-men; automatons in the humanoid form of an Orc. The head of the Bronze-men is in the shape of a sleigh bell where the holes are the eyes. These automatons were meant to replace the laborers of hazardous or dangerous wok environments. The initial field tests proved the Bronze-men are fully capable of just that, hazardous environments such as cold and heat or even toxic gases have no real affect on them. However, the power requirement exceeds the output that a Steam Boiler can make. The answer, magic, through the use of the same magical crystals used in Casters can power the Bronze-men for several weeks without replacing or recharging the crystal.
From there, the investors flooded in and gave rise to the economic power-house that is Sedulous Industries or S.I. for short. S.I. provides Sedulous with over 80% of the nation's Bronze-men. Over time, the Bronze-men began to show more complex behaviors and would even replace their own crystals when the power grew too low. These Version 1's even began to speak and share memories of before their creation. Thus a controversial topic in Sedulous began to spread like a wildfire. There is now a growing debate of whether or not the Bronze-men should be granted citizenship. Ownership would even be put into question as the Bronze-men showed signs of sentience and intelligence.   It would later be discovered that the use of a soul gem containing the soul of the recently deceased had been placed in the Version 1 Bronze-men. While some see it as a way to say their final goodbyes, others see it as an abomination. Thus S.I. stopped all production of Version 1 Bronze-men and began to make Version 2's, this version of Bronze-men did not have such a gem in them and the functionality of the Version 2 became extremely limited to simple commands. Thus, all Version 2's have been used for providing basic services such as directing traffic, guarding the gates of cities and the homes of the wealthy.

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