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Aurea (Are-E-ah)

The nation of Aurea is home to the Wood Elves. Aurea agriculture is the pride of the people and they also hold the responsibility as caretakers of the land they call home. This gave rise to the need for rangers who regularly hunt local wildlife in a sustainable way. The rangers of Aurea will also act as guides for travelers along the roads on the forest floor.   The trees in Aurea grow so tall and large, that many cities are built directly within the branches of these trees. A web of branches tied together act as bridges and roads above the ground.   On the forest floor and in the grasslands between the forests are the smaller villages and towns built into the sides of hills. For the buildings without a hill to provide insulation, an artificial hill is constructed over the structure.


Because of the history and turmoil of the Aureate Elves, the general public has developed a foundation of ideals that act as their core mindset. With so much at stake, the people began to focus on the little things in life.   As such, Wood Elves of Aurea aren't interested in stressing over what to do in the future, rather they tend to be more focused on the "here and now" in everyday life. This makes the Elves behave aloof and easy going; taking time in their day to stop and enjoy the scenery.


The Wood Elves of Aurea were once the people of Orea. Their cities, were built into the trees through the use of magic so as not to harm the tree itself. When the Humans first appeared, the Elves worked to show the Humans their ways. For many long years the two races worked together as caretakers of the forest.   However, everything changed when the Humans revolted. Burning the tree cities and slaughtering any Elf they came acrossed. The citizens of Orea were chased from their land and the Humans named it after the very man that started their revolution, Alóm.   The land the Elves ran to was one the knew of but had not fully explored. The Golden grass, white bark trees with red and gold leaves, left the Elves with a determination like no other. They would restore their lives and rebuild here, the Elves named the land Aurea after its golden appearance.

Foreign Relations

Despite their neighbors to the East chasing them from their homeland. The Aurea Elves have made allies with the Human nation of Asthar to the north. Together they keep the eastern borders under close watch.   Aurea is also allies to the nation if Kheltland further to the north. Kheltland is also a Human nation, however their general demeanor is much more friendly than the Asthar nation between them.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Realm of the Golden Leaf
Official State Religion

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