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Albrecht "Swipe" Becker ((Al-breck-t) (s-wipe) (beck-er))

Lord Albrecht Becker (a.k.a. Swipe) (He/Him)

Race: Human   Favored weapon: his wits   Favored armor: light gambeson   Homeland: Asthar   Home region: (tbd)   Background:   Albrecht Becker is the son of a small noble family. His parents, though not around very often, showered Albrecht with everything he ever asked for. He was taught the ways of the sword, proper edicate for nobles, reading and writing, economics, mathematics, and politics. Having everything he could ever ask for, left Albrecht bored and prone to running away, seeking adventure. Each time, he is caught and returned home.   One day, while on a trip to another noble house, Albrecht's carriage is stopped by a gang of bandits. No one was harmed however, Albrecht was kidnapped and ransomed. When his parents quickly paid, Albrecht wasn't returned to them. This is because Albrecht orchestrated the entire plan and had joined the bandits. During his time with these bandits, he came to call them his family. In particular were his closest friends; the Gnoll cook, Growler, the half elf archer, Feathers, the Orc con artist, Cards, and his rival, Knives.   Because of the lack of his return, Albrecht's parents called on the Asthar army to hunt them down. Albrecht managd to escape under the new alias "Swipe". Now, Swipe seeks to rescue his gang. During his search, Swipe becomes the top information broker of Asthar. This catches the eyes of the Alóm crime syndicate the Iron Rings. For a long time, a stiff feud would form between Swipe and his information ring, and the Iron Rings. Eventually the Iron Rings would accept Swipe in their ranks as the leader of the Asthar branch.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lithe build, Albrecht's physical shape perfectly befits his nickname of "Swipe"

Facial Features

Due to being on the move, he is not cleanly shaven.

Specialized Equipment

Albrecht often wears a magically enchanted, patchwork cloak. This cloak magically transforms his appearance into a forgettable beggar.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Well educated, Albrecht is literate in several languages and fluent in four languages.


Information Broker for the Iron Rings crime syndicate.

Intellectual Characteristics

Albrecht's interpersonal skills have, so far, been unmatched. He is, and has been, able to talk his way out of most dangerous situations.


As a former bandit, he has the tendency to steal when the opportunity presents itself.

Personality Characteristics


Albrecht seeks to reunite with his former bandit crew, whom he calls his family.

Personality Quirks

Albrecht uses humor to mask his anxiety and trauma.


Despite hiding as a beggar, Albrecht is very well kempt and when he removes his cloak, a distinct smell of lavender surrounds him.


Contacts & Relations

Albrecht has contacts with many criminal gangs and guilds. He is also known to reach out to the famous Kheltic Knights and their sister guild, the Deadly Sins when he needs their specialized skills.

Family Ties

Albrecht was born into the Becker family. A small noble house of the Asthar nobility. As such, Albrecht has "friends in high places"

Religious Views

Despite not talking about it, Albrecht is quite religious to the Draconic Cult and specifically worships Zeit, the Sodalite God of Time, Wisdom, Logic, and Magic.


Well spoken and disarmingly kind.

Wealth & Financial state

Albrecht keeps his wealth a well guarded secret.
Current Status
Information Broker for the Iron Rings
Honorary & Occupational Titles
"Lord", "Beggar Prince", "The Informant"
Current Residence
Sharp, Grey
Short, Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
156.8 lbs 71.12 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Just because I choose not to fight, does not mean I do not know how."
Draconic Cult
Known Languages
Alomi, Asthran (Native), Aureate, Kheltic, and Ramal

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