The Pale Stag

The Pale Stag is an inn located at the heart of the merchantile district of Pale, serving both locals and visitors. A reasonably sized establishment, The Stag spans three floors of a detached building of traditional Pale architecture.  


The ground floor of the inn is taken up by a large dining hall, lounge and bar as well as a kitchen and a number of store rooms and other utilities. This is where guests and locals come together to eat and drink or just relax by the fire. Central to the space is the bar, from which both food and drinks can be procured - along with advice, local knowledge and a sympathetic ear courtesy of the barkeep, Julien Finn.   The first floor is taken up by 10 guest rooms, six of which are single occupancy rooms, two regular double rooms, one family room and one suite. In addition, there are three communal washrooms, with only the suite and the family room having their own, private facilities.   On the second floor are 5 more, smaller guest rooms as well as accommodation for staff. The rooms here are of irregular shapes and sizes, most with limited headroom due to the building's slanted roof. While the rooms here are cheaper and less well furnished as a result, they are still clean and dry, and warm even in winter thanks to the well insulated walls and roof which are common building practice in Pale.  


Many of the people staying at The Stag have business in Pale's merchantile district, which is the home of trade, imports and exports to the region. The inn thus services clients from all over Vanelle and beyond and make sure they find comfort during their stay.   The Stag also services a local clientele, who come to the inn for food and drink. While the merchantile district isn't home to many residential buildings, residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods come to The Pale Stag for the hearty food, plentiful beer and wine, and for the warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Alternative Names
The Stag
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