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Lur Seat of the Sea


"And Tuor beheld Ulmo among the waves, standing like a tower of silver with many darting flames."
— The Fall of Gondolin

Seat of the Sea. He is fearful to look on with the mortal eye. Dressed like a giant wave in glittering green armor, blowing his great horn Ulumuri, Lur is ever present from within the great and stormy waves that pour upon the shores of Juraedon, to the smallest creeks that flow through the most meager forest in Huraedon. He is ever an ally of the mortals, and Men, above all, love him most. It was Lur that brought Detheril ship to the starry heights, letting him beseech the gods. Even in the gods' current silence, the lapping of the waves upon the beach shores echo forever his rumbling songs.

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Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by Alan Lee


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