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Floofy :D

Made By: floofthewolf
Ibbir - The Ibbir is a fluffy, sharp-clawed, bird-cat. Ibbirs are used mainly for transportation around cities. They cannot fly for too long, so they fly for short distances. They do not accept money, they accept their favorite food, Rebur Fish, found in the Puhordix River. Ibbirs have a natural instinct to give people no service if they have no fish. NO SHIRT, NO PANTS, NO FISH, NO SERVICE! These adorable animals are harmless towards people. Actually, they really love people! They will use their paws to pull people closer, and hold them into their soft manes. People could suffocate, but Ibbirs know better. They release them JUST BEFORE suffocation!  
✩✩✩✩ - It was a great ride over to the other side of town, plus, a hug afterwards! 4 STARS!!
— Cash Allis, Local Businessman
  Ibbirs have their own app for traveling. You order the Ibbir ride, and the Ibbir gets a little buzz on its collar. Depending on what kind of buzz, the Ibbir knows where to go. They also know Valterian, although they cannot speak it. They understand commands on where to go. Like: "Take me to Gabby's Gadgets" and "Take me to my house please..."
Concept Art by Dakotadoodles

Threat Level:

No threat at all! They are harmless, except for their claws. Ibbirs never really use their claws.  

Conservation Status:

Ibbirs are not being protected. There are a lot of them in big cities, forests, mountains. Basically anything could give Ibbirs a home.  


OHHH, they do.... uh... normal things... They find a mate and uh... do mammal things...  

Growth Rate:

They aren't born from an egg, as they are mammals. Once they are born, they start growing. Their fur grows in at about 6 months of age. At about 2 years, they are at full size, but can live until 20.  


Ibbirs eat all fish, but their favorite is the Rebur fish. Nobody knows why, but Ibbirs are known to eat Rebur fish. They can go 1 month with no food, but that's when they start to get angry.  


Ibbirs shed their fur during the winter, and grow in white and grey fur. People think that its for camouflage, but Ibbirs like to match their surroundings, so they grow in white to show off their pretty fur to others who might want to mate with them.
Scientific Name
Ursibisttus Fusinium
Conservation Status


Ibbirs have a bear-like face. They have rounded-triangles for ears, and soft manes. They have no irises, but large, multicolored pupils. Their teeth are somewhat sharp, but they aren't used for hurting people. They use their teeth to eat.  


Ibbirs have winged arms, but paws for hands. They have retractable claws, except for one of them, which is always out.  

Lower Body:

Their body is very furry. Their feet are paws, and they have dewclaws. They usually stand on 2 feet, but they are able to walk on all fours. Ibbirs tails are long, and fluffy as well.

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