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Creation of Gelacad

Achiad ruled over all! None but the Gods could harm him!
  This is the tale of how the world came to be, of how the God Hott fought Achiad to claim the title of ruler of the realms.


The glorious sun peaked above the horizon, rising from the crystal clear water like a Phoenix. Darkness perished as the verdant hills were coated in dazzling hues of orange. An endless expanse of forestry could be seen, stretching further and further back towards the edge of the world, hiding all manner of magical creatures within its leaves. This land was Isal, the divine realm - the first and the last.   In the centre of the realm, stood Alucan - the palace. The finest building ever made, towering above Isal and all the realms. Diamond walls rose into the sky, creating an impenetrable fortress of solitude for the ruler of this land. For standing over it all, was Achiad.   An omnipotent creator, the most powerful creature in all the realms. His hair billowed out, moving gracefully in the gentle breeze. It was Achiad that breathed light into this realm, fashioning a barren wasteland into a perfect realm. He breathed life into all creatures, forming the Gods, the Dwarves and all primeval creatures from nothing, sparking sentience and life - the brilliant fire of intelligence.   Achiad ruled with an iron fist over his realm, commanding all the species he had created to serve him without question. The greatest of his creations were the Gods, fashioned in his own image to be his most powerful servants. From his life-giving breath, he imbued them all with great power - great warriors, wise scribes, all-powerful leaders. Achiad created many Gods, but his most faithful servant was Hott - the Allfather. Imbued with a ferocious spirit and an enlightened mind - Hott was the culmination of Achiad's power.   But Achiad was also cruel, torturing and maiming the Gods that did not serve him loyally. But Hott was never punished, and always did exactly as was asked of him. But over time, Hott grew to hate Achiad, his power, his strength and might. He summoned the Gods together and proposed a plan, that he would defeat Achiad and take this realm for the Gods - the plan was in motion. As the brilliant sun decayed, sealing night fell upon the lands - shrouding evil intentions in darkness.   Hott journeyed far into the night, past the endless forests to the edge Isal. It was there that he met the Smith. Older than the Gods, than even Achiad himself. The Smith desired no fame, no power, no glory. He had only one goal, to craft the most powerful weapons - but for a price. Hott demanded a weapon that would fell Achiad. The Smith asked only one thing in return:   'Blind yourself, great leader - I will take no other payment than your eyes for this weapon'   Without hesitation, Hott drew his dagger. Crimson blood spilt forth but no cry of pain. First one, then the other. Unable to see, Hott had to wait only moments before he felt a great weight in his hands. It was a great sword, sheathed within an ornate scabbard of beautiful leather. The sword glowed with an icy aura, countless runes were delicately inscribed along the metal to form a myriad of spells and enchantments.   The Smith spoke, "This is Kalridhe - God Killer"
"But I cannot see! How am I to fight?", Hott replied
"You will not miss"
  As the sun began to rise once more from the depths of the water, Hott travelled back to Alucun. The Gods awaited him there, astonished to discover their great leader had been blinded. Hott assured them of his ability to fight, trusting the Smith's word. He marched into the palace and stood before Achiad, sword in hand.   Achiad turned to face Hott, realising his intentions. Suddenly, Achiad had grown to an enormous size, standing in the lake opposite the palace. Unfazed by Achiad's colossal height, Hott drew his sword. He suddenly realised that when gripping the sword, his sight returned - far clearer and sharper than it had been before.   He did not miss.   Blood. Pain. The great creator tried to heal his wounds with magic. Blood kept pouring. Hott struck again, his mighty sword effortlessly slicing through Achiad's impenetrable skin. He roared, swung for Hott with his fists and missed. Hott nimbly dodged the blows and drove the sword forwards, directly into Achiad's chest. Blood, a roar, a howl, a sigh.   Achiad was dead.   Hott carried Achiad's colossal body and placed it upon a boat. He rode to the edge of Isal, the edge of the realm, and flung the body into the stars. The progenitor's flesh and blood became the realms. From the corpse of the creator, Hott formed the realm of the mortals and named it Gelacad, he formed the realm of the dead and named it Dairmagan, and he named Isal as the realm of the Gods.


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