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Valantasia is a new born world in the universe. Seven Divine Lords born from the essence of the world commenced their creation of the perfect human. The first generation of human without the administration of the Lords went into self-destruction. The second generation rebelled against the Lords for freedom for the Lords' strict control, leading to the creation of the first generation of Demons. The third generation began plenty of proxy wars for the Demon Lords and the fourth fought against the Demons which in the end destroyed both of the species and the world with them. The fifth was kept small and contained in the post-apocalypse world with the newly designed demons which were added extra respect and love for humans in their mind. Finding the success in this generation, the Divine Lords reformed the world and created the sixth generation. However, the demons were out of control this time. Their love and respect slowly fell only onto the best warriors in humans, which led to countless fights between great heroes and demons, causing pandemonium amongst the newest generation. Hence, the Divine Lords created the next generation of humans and demons with more habits and rules to keep them under control. Everything went perfectly until a meteor hit Valantasia, destroying most of the seventh generation. The meteor was something sent from outer-space which later brought the end of these cycles of creations and cataclysms.   In the Divine Lords' eighth attempt, an elf-like alien specie arrived, by using their scouting beacon (the meteor). The Celesus were here to collect the planet core's energy to continue their Journey to the Promised Land for another millennia. As a result, the war with Celesus began. After successfully striking down the Celesish star cruiser Eternity, the Celesish Goddess Titania and her Son Zeus were forced to start the ground attack. The Goddess formed a powerful barrier which weakens the power of the Lords' Demon Legion. The Celesish army with the help of the humans triumphantly eliminated the six of the Seven Divine Lords, with only the Divine Lord of Eternity (also known as the Dryhten of Cataclysm or Pride Lord of Doom) persisting. Despite of being proved to be impossible to be destroyed, the lord withdrew his army of demons to the Frozen End. In the meantime, the Son Zeus was weary of the forever-ongoing journey to the Promised Land. Seeing this new world as the real Promised Land, Zeus decided to stayed in this world ,which was the best world the Celesus have ever been to. Zeus gather the humans and most of the Celesish Army to stop the collecting of the planet core. In the end, the Son was forced to killed his mother, hence, becoming the leader of the planet. However, things didn't last forever. Zeus was hoping to create a method to integrate his people into Valantasia. Therefore, he created a new specie, the New Celesus (later known as the Salamandia), a specie which contains both human and Celesus' genes. He started to transform both human and Celesus into the New Celesus. Nevertheless, the result was disastrous. Lower than 30% of both species survived the process. Zeus insisted on finishing the work; hence, the next war between the Believer and the Defier began. Zeus' powers were sealed in the end and the god himself was never seen again. The bridges connecting the three great continent were also destroyed in the process.   After the war, the pure Celesus created a barrier around their territory in Aia. They were seldom seen since then. The Believers were punished into the oceans, later known as the Undinian (a mermaid-like creature). The rest of the Salamandia went into hiding. During the last war, Zeus experimented on the rest of the loyalist of his mother, creating a sub-specie called Cylphian (a fairy-like creature) which later lived on a small island Fantasia. After all these wars, eventually, the age of humans began.