A dwarven miner deep below the mountains he calls home comes across something peculiar. A deposit of an unknown material, Sigizite. He mines a small sample, and notes its properties before bring it to his superior in a mining camp above him. The leader of the expedition, a mage, touches the gem which then lets out a bright glow. Later while he is sitting around, he casts a simple ignition to spell to start a campfire, and out comes a torrent of flame that scorches the center of the camp. The crystal was sent to scholars for study and is now a highly sought after item for mages, especially wild mages across the land.


Physical Characteristics

A glassy white crystal with light shades of blue permeating the bright white.


The crystal is warm to the touch and shines a dim light when exposed to darkness. When a wild magic user picks up the crystal the dim light grows far brighter, and it amplifies the affects of magic two fold.

Geology & Geography

The crystal is extremely rare, only found deep in the dwarven mountains to the north. Typically a miner would have dig at least twenty miles into the earth to find these crystals.

Origin & Source

The gems are found in small deposits deep below the Dwarven mountains.

The crystal itself has a metallic taste not dissimilar to iron.
A white crystal with shades of blue flowing throughout it. A dim, warm light shines from the center.
Common State


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