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A beast of burden standing ten feet tall on six mighty legs.

Basic Information


A beast of burden standing ten feet tall on six mighty legs. Covered in black fur with two tusks jutting out horizontally from its mighty jaw. Eyes like black beads on each side of its head do not allow any meaningful sight, but its sense of smell is rivaled by no other creature deep down in the darkness of the underground. Long eight inch claws just out from each paw while its three one and half inch teeth sit in its mouth. A long tail with a venomous barb is at the back of the creature. The beast on average ways 2500 pounds, and seventy percent of that mass is muscle. Their land speed can reach as fast as forty miles per hour, and the venom that their tails contain is a potent neurotoxin that is capable of subduing small dragons.

Genetics and Reproduction

The species reproduces sexually, although in mating the females of the species (the dominant gender) are extremely hostile and violent. Often, the more docile males will be killed in the process.

Growth Rate & Stages

The foal of the Onzel is born live and is only a twentieth of its full size. In this stage it is extremely vulnerable to predators, and as such it spends most of its time in the tiny cracks and crevices of the underworld hunting rats and other such things. As it matures it goes through a stage where it's venom starts to produce exponentially within its body. During this stage of development (around 9 years after birth) the Onzel is extremely violent and will lash out against nearly everything that it comes across, even if said organism could easily kill the Onzel. The Onzel reaches full maturity at the age of 15. They seldom live over 30.

Ecology and Habitats

The Onzels live deep in the underworld. The wild of its species spend their time among other such creatures of this harsh environment. It is common for them to live among the giant spiders of the underworld.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Onzel's dietary needs are simple. Meat. It is not a picky eater. It's primary diet consists of giant spiders, the twisted humanoids of the underworld, as well as small dragons.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While their sight is on level with a shark's (pitiful). Their sense of smell is unparalleled, and they also have a primitive version of echo location at their disposal, although this is unknown to even the most studied scholars of the overworld.
Conservation Status
While a rare sight, and considered a mythical beast to the lamen of the overworld, those in the underworld know these beasts to be as common as a horse.

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